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    Hear In Your Language in Office 2010

    Very useful indeed for those who are mutilingual and are aspiring to be. It also adds another advantage against Google Docs...
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Welcome ryo and born2golf! You two have now joined the wait to Windows 8...
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    screenshot windows 8

    It's just a concept. Don't make a big fuss about it.
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    screenshot windows 8

    So that concept is based on "The Ribbon"?
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    Windows8 - the last scion

    If Cloud OS will be the trend, ISP's will be pressured then. Am I right?
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    Windows 8 Development Has Started.

    Wish I was there...I only knew Windows 7 when I registered at the Vista Forums.
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    What Are You Watching?

    Watching music videos on Youtube...
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    128-bit ONLY?

    You're quite right. If 128-bit OS will be introduced in Windows 8, Adobe and many other companies will have a hard time catching up...
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    Windows 8 Development Has Started.

    Or the beta release...
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    Commodore 9100

    Very true but I still like the idea.
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    Commodore 9100

    I was also in awe...
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Hooray! 4,000 posts!
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    How many people will head the words of Stephen Fry?

    That was a laugh...:D
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Pyramid - Charice ft. Iyaz
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    Get Office for Today or Tomorrow

    Bad luck for me though because I purchased Office 2007 earlier.:(