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    Solved will legit windows 8.1 pro key activate windows 8.1 basic

    If you do a change product key, and enter the Pro key, it should upgrade to Pro, reboot, and then verify the key and activate. I've done it in the past. You can't activate 8.1 Core with a Pro key, and vis versa. If there is no key in the BIOS, on a clean install, you will be prompted to enter a...
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    Solved what options do we have?

    Clean Install - Windows 8 Clean Install Windows 10 Windows 10 Installation & Upgrade Tutorials
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    Solved what options do we have?

    If it shipped from the factory with Windows 8 or 8.1, the product key should be stored in the BIOS. If so you can do a clean install with install media from here, Access Denied Windows 8 install media will read the key automatically and install the correct matching Edition. Windows 10 install...
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    Updating OEM W8.1 to 8.1Pro

    Did you create any recovery media? If yes use that to restore the factory OEM install, then upgrade to Pro. If no, press what ever key is required during boot up to do the factory recovery, and hope it works. Backup what you don't want to lose beforehand though. It will erase everything and put...
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    Motherboard swap and now cannot activate windows 8 or 8.1

    Try this utility and see if there is an OEM embedded key in the BIOS, ShowKeyPlus - Windows 10 Forums If there is, open the system page, click change product key, and enter it. If there isn't, I would think the OEM is obligated to get you a new one. Show key should show the key in use (the old...
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    Looking for a Win 8.1 mobile manual

    Windows RT maybe?
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    inaccessible boot device windows 2000 server

    How old is the hard drive / system?
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    Windows Server 2000 recovery disks

    Define "recovery disks" I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that? There are floppy disk boot disk sets, but I do believe that is for installing on old hardware that won't boot from optical media? What is your exact issue, and why do you need recovery disks?
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    Windows 8.1 will not install.

    Ok, just wanted to make sure. It could be a hardware issue. The symptoms fit.
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    Windows 8.1 will not install.

    Try a different thumb drive. I use option 2 here, to create my install media. Works with UEFI and legacy BIOS. I haven't had it fail me yet.
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    Media Center License

    As near as I can tell yes. It shows on screen. I found it easier in the end to just use the remote and guide for the cable box. My XBOX can turn my TV and cable box on and off when you turn the XBOX on and off. It can change the channel on the cable box too, via its guide when you use the XBOX...
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    Solved Can't get to BIOS - goes directly to Win boot

    Wireless keyboard? If yes try a USB keyboard.
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    Media Center License

    I feel for you. Trying to setup my XBOX to show the media guide was a PITA. Getting it to control my TV and cable box with its IR blaster was another episode in frustration.
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    Solved Can't get to BIOS - goes directly to Win boot

    Disconnecting your hard drive will not change its boot marker. It may shuffle the BIOS boot options around though. Also be sure you connected it back to the same port it was originally connected too.