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    Word Association [8]

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    New stats show Windows 8 usage up sharply as XP plummets

    Windows 8 rockets to 7.41% market share as Windows XP fall Read more at - Windows 8 Now Up To 7.41% Market Share, Windows 7 Still King
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    Last Letter Game [8]

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    The quote of the day [2]

    If I had been present at creation, I would have given some useful hints. —Alfonso the Wise (1221–1284)
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    Word Association [7]

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    Last Letter Game [8]

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    Solved How to remove Norton fully/help

    Well, I haven't advocated Symantec since they don't clean up after themselves on Uninstalls (or even version levels), and even their separately-downloaded Clean-Up Tools still leave little Symantec droppings behind. "Watch out! Don't step in that!" It is like a tattoo, once you've got one and...
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    Word Association [7]

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    The quote of the day [2]

    He is not to be trusted as a friend who mistreats his own family. - Aesop's fables
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    Last Letter Game [7]

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    windows 8 sucks

    I like Windows 8 very much , again it varies from person to person opinion . Give it some time and you will adapt to its environment.
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    Which Web Browser Is Best Under Windows 8?

    Using IE 10 , works great on Windows 8 . :thumbsup:
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    What is your favorite browser?

    Pale Moon :thumbsup:
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    Best (Paid) Anti-Virus Program?

    Hello ; IMO Kaspersky is the best paid antivirus . :) Kapersky has the highest and best detection rate amongst antivirus software. it also has exceptionally good customer support, so if anything goes wrong they are very good at dealing with your problems. I just speak from experience of...