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    Windows 8 haters

    Well Windows 7 starter isn't exactly the best version of 7 to be judging it on.
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    Should I use windows 8.1 or stick with windows 7?

    I prefer 7 but thankfully with the work they did with 8.1 and the 8.1 Update its become a decent OS. Thankfully they added the boot to desktop option in 8.1 so you don't even need to see the Metro Screen at all. Unless you were going from XP or Vista I wouldn't bother upgrading.
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    Best windows phone apps

    I haven't really come across any in the near one year since I got my Windows Phone. The one issue I have always had with the Windows Phone as opposed to the iPhone is how poor the Windows Store is compared to the App Store.
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    Unable To Partition More Than 4GB In C Drive

    Yeah im still new to the whole Linux thing. So if im correct I should be able to do the things Ubuntu could do on the differet DE so I could do the same things on Xubuntu or Kubuntu as I would on regular Ubuntu. Probably sounds dumb but im still picking the whole linux thing up. Anyway I do have...
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    Unable To Partition More Than 4GB In C Drive

    I have a few distros installed as Virtual Machines currently have an Ubuntu 14.04,Xubuntu 14.04 and Lubuntu 14.04 with Mint and Kubuntu still to go. I might skip Kubuntu because my host machine can barely run Ubuntu well so I doubt a KDE system would work well. Still plan on testing out Mint...
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    Taskbar Transparency - Disable using Aero Lite Theme

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have never liked the transparent taskbar in 8. This makes me system look that much closer to whatit did with 7
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    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    I got a laptop that came with it pre-installed
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    Unable To Partition More Than 4GB In C Drive

    Disk1 is the external drive I use for backups it was plugged into my laptop when I took the screenshot well in fairness its an old internal drive from an old laptop that I use to backup my media files. I considered the idea of installing linux on one of my external drives the other drive I have...
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    Unable To Partition More Than 4GB In C Drive

    I do disk cleanups all the time I did one on Sunday night before I tried to partition the drive. I also analyzed the disk and it wasn't fragmented. I'll give this a whirl.
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    Unable To Partition More Than 4GB In C Drive

    I want to partition my C Drive to install Ubuntu 14.04 so I can dual-boot with Windows 8.1. When I tried to shrink the volume it wouldn't let me got higher than 4GB even though its a 500GB drive and I have over 259GB freee. From looking at it the drive seems to have a few recovery partitions one...