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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    What tab is that under in settings?
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    4.0.5 is crashing explorer.exe (the Desktop).
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    Amazon rival Newegg heading to the UK in March

    more at source..
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    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8

    GeForce 331.93 Beta Drivers Released
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    Windows 8.1 - Update to from Windows 8

    The KB number pointed out by MS for updating from the store is a typo. It should be the KB2871389, not KB2871839.
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Classic Shell 4.0 released. Classic Shell Newer Windows 7 style skin looks a lot better now. :thumb:
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    Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

    Seems to only be for Windows IE. All other non IE (Firefox, etc) still .168.
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    Nice gadgets

    Desktop gadgets and sidebar for Windows 8.1 | Winaero
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

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    Got a Samsung Google Chromebook 11.6 for testing

    Can't beat getting a device for tinkering on. :thumbsup:
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    Store Cache - Clear in Windows 8

    How to Clear Windows Store Cache in Windows 8 and 8.1 If you are having issues with installing or updating Store apps in windows 8, it may be caused by an issue with the Store cache. This tutorial will show you how to clear the Windows Store cache in Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 8.1, and...
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    Windows head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

    more at source..
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    4G -- Why bother

    Hi there. Universal WiFi? What is that? News to me. Maybe if we all lived in Iceland, but not where I'm from.
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    Latest Logitech SetPoint Software

    Setpoint 6.50 released.
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    Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

    New Internet Explorer 10 version update form WU released. September 17, 2012 Version 11.3.374.7 Updated on first post.