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    Solved Printer Sharing

    You should make sure that the additional drivers are included.. On a windows 8 machine: go into Devices and Printers from the Start menu and double click on the printer icon. Navigate to the tab called 'sharing' (while you're there, make sure that 'share this printer' & 'Render print jobs on...
  2. aiko

    Irking Graphics Driver Issue for Toshiba Laptop

    Just because Toshiba doesn't distribute them, doesn't mean that there are no win 8 compatible drivers.. Have you tried the graphics card manufacturer's site?
  3. aiko

    Cant access a network printer though Windows 8

    You double posted this, on purpose. The topics aren't duplicates so that's why I think this wasn't an accident. I'm trying to help you in your other topic; over here: http://www.eightforums.com/network-sharing/14428-printer-sharing.html#post150927
  4. aiko

    Urgent help with Printer Issue

    Does the application use the right printer? Look into the configuration of that label software and make sure that HP printer is the default one.
  5. aiko

    Irking Graphics Driver Issue for Toshiba Laptop

    You can try to install the windows 7 driver in compatibility mode..?
  6. aiko

    Solved Printer Sharing

    Make sure all pc's are in the same WORKGROUP, you said they are in the same homegroup, but windows xp doesn't support that feature. Make sure the windows 8 pc is also in the same WORKGROUP (which can be found by rightclicking on 'computer' -> 'properties' -> under computer name, domain and...
  7. aiko

    Solved what is causing this weird popup?

    Can you go to 'programs and features' and tell us if there is any strange software installed, toolbars or japanese software and such. Also, run Malwarebytes and your antivirus software to make sure your pc isn't infected.
  8. aiko

    Run a Program from ISO File instead of DVD Drive

    Okay, this was already mentioned for like.. 3 times in total, 2x by you. I can understand you don't want to read the entire topic but c'mon man.. You already posted this..
  9. aiko

    Solved dhcp works . static ip doesn't

    In that case Alphanumeric and Chev65 were right. 103 was already in use, or at least that's what your router thought.
  10. aiko

    nned help with .Net 3.5

    tried running it as administrator?
  11. aiko

    cddvdrw not working since installing windows 8

    If you mean that you cannot see or find the drive, try this: Download CD-DVD Icon Repair Free - Repair missing CD or DVD drive from Windows or other programs. - Softpedia
  12. aiko

    nned help with .Net 3.5

    I'll mirror it for you, just don't tell Microsoft ;3 <deleted by myself>
  13. aiko

    nned help with .Net 3.5

    I'm going to suggest something that may seem very idiotic, but I can't find it anywhere in your description.. Have you tried just installing net framework 3.5? Link: Download: .NET Framework 3.5 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details I have tried to download and install it, succesfully.
  14. aiko

    USB Memory Stick/HDD Issues

    stupid upgrade function.. Window 8 is a very, very good OS, but should only be installed by a clean install.