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    Solved BSOD in varying modules.

    OK, let's skip drivers then, but I just want to let you know that driver download programs can cause problems and I don't trust such programs, I believe manual work and testing is worth much more. Also I personally assembled/repaired a ton of computers and never had to use things such as...
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    Solved BSOD in varying modules.

    Hi, why drivermax? why not buying a game or some other useful piece of software instead of drivermax? go to website of your PC manufacturer, download original drivers and install them. remove anything drivemax might have installed.
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    Solved Laptop won't connect to internet after installing Windows8

    I have no clue what your problem is seriously :drool: 1. From which website are you downloading Windows 8.1? 2. Why download does not work? 3. what Windows activation has to do with download process? 4. why do you persist to input the key? ********* Forget about the key for windows, get the...
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    Solved Laptop won't connect to internet after installing Windows8

    your laptop already has network adapter (wireless), once windows is installed all you need to do is install original wireless adapter driver and connect to wireless network. so what's the problem?
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    Lost admin rights on only account

    you might have OEM recovery partition? you can try that to restore windows. you can also contact OEM for recovery media
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    Lost admin rights on only account

    I'm sorry, without installation media or administrator account your hands are tied. get new windows ISO from microsoft, create bootable media and run system restore. if that doesn't work you can just fresh install windows by using the same media. create backup first.
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    Lost admin rights on only account

    so you changed it from Administrator to user at some point? if so you can't do anything. EDIT: you can try to load installation media and restore windows.
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    Lost admin rights on only account

    what is your current account? Administrator or User ?
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    Diagnostic software to determine if I can benefit from mor

    4GB of RAM is enough for anything unless you need more for gaming or virtual machines.
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    Lost admin rights on only account

    If you do not have administrative account and can't create administrative account then there is not much you can do. it looks you have deleted the only administrative account?
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    Should Sims 3 install/work on my Aspire|V5 - 531-571?

    you can just download the game and then active the game by using CD key. alternatively you can also import/download the game into steam and use the CD key found in CD box, to activate the game, and have it for future use.
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    Solved In what folder is this file saved to?

    Libraries folders are just a shortcut to your user profile folders. C:\users\<yourusername>\documents C:\users\<yourusername>\pictures C:\users\<yourusername>\music C:\users\<yourusername>\videos the root folder of Libraries is therefore: C:\users\<yourusername>
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    Can't shrink C partition in Windows 8.1 with diskmgmt

    I remember that, the thing you're talking about is a disk defragmenter known from XP era and earlier. defragmenters from new Windows versions do not show this data, but you can see it by using disk view ( link from my previous post ) As told by others your best bet is to make a backup and test...
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    Does Windows 8.1 still need an anti-virus software?

    That's why there is a thing called compiler, you review source code and compile it on your own. or install software signed by trusted publisher. Also process monitor is your best bet if you're very sceptic, or want to be sure what programs do on runtime.
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    No boot device on newly bought Windows 8 laptop

    Well as you can see there is no laptop's disk present, nothing can be done but to visit the place where you bought this laptop and ask for repair. since you still have valid warranty.