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    -8? i thought you start at 10.
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    iseeuu how much rep do you have i have 10. =(
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    when they have suffiecient will i get credited or will i have to post news in the future when they have it.
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    It Seems I Got Two Reputations, i checked on my "User CP" how come i didnt get any rep, like points it just says neutral but when you give rep there is no neutral.
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    Reputation And Badges?

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    Windows 8, beyond Windows 7

    Every os gets old after 6 months lol.
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    When do you think Windows 8 Beta 1 will come out?

    you got a point.
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    Reputation And Badges?

    Is The Rep System Working Yet?
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    Is there a plan B.?

    I Wonder What The Slogan Will Be.
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    Windows 8 starts to come into focus

    Welcome "thefabe"!
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    Roadmap reveals possible windows 8 launch date

    awww, i wanted it now
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    Can We Put A Windows 8 Progress Bar on This Forum?

    but then you'll abuse the site, and we'll have to much unactive members
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    Reputation And Badges?

    What Are They For This Forum?:D
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    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    hey is it too much toask, idk but can i have just the logo, one for 7, and another for 8?