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    Change to Google DNS?

    Hello, they have pay services with some extras, am using the basic free dns and see
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    Change to Google DNS?

    Go ahead and try, no harm can be done. OpenDNS is another option, am using that one, definitely (not just imagination :O) faster than my isp dns.
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    "get windows 10" box keeps popping up

    "strong-arming people with forced downloads and spammer-like no-choice wording on upgrade prompts" 'Get Windows 10' prompt adopts malware-like tactics to lure you into upgrading | PCWorld Personally, have hidden any and all w10 related updates from the start, so far so good. Basically only...
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    Any new big update on pipeline for Win8.1?

    Got 8.1 on several pc's (classic shell, deleted all tileworld + store), it's excellent here, solid like a rock, fast and zero problems. And keeping control (unlike w10).
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    Solved Help merging "Disk2" (931 GB) to "OS (C:)" (117 GB)

    Thanks for the feedback, hoping all will work well for a long time.
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    Solved Help merging "Disk2" (931 GB) to "OS (C:)" (117 GB)

    Someone used an axe? Looks like 2 different, independent drives. I'd keep it that way, one for os\programs and the other for files\storage (just format it, job finished). Normal extension is not possible between different physical disks. Alternative would be to wander into the world of dynamic...
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    Solved How can I re-install windows 8.1 without manufacturer junk

    Well, these days the real culprit is the microsoft OS itself, all the preinstalled (cr)apps.
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    October 13th 2015 Security Update Release Summary

    7 'securities' here, all seems well. And (strangely) no new attempts at spreading more W10 influenza.
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    Photo editing and printing

    Easy, free, stable & fast, give Photofiltre a try , here's the portable version (no installation files on hd, just a single exe) PhotoFiltre Portable 7.1.2 free download - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew A simpler version...
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    how to fix bad block errors on HDD ?

    My fix: backup content asap & buy a new hd.
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    Updates to Hide to Avoid Telemetry or Windows 10 Upgrade

    :) For already installed 10, there's many spy-killing programs out there, may make 10 tolerable (... maybe, someday, in 2023). From O&O, certified MS Partner, looking good: O&O ShutUp10: download free antispy tool for Windows 10
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    I accidentally moved 2 folders into System Information

    See if this does the job Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Windows
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    Solved macrium reflect v6 home edition worth the price vs free

    The free version has been great+++ here. After a while got the paid version, mainly to support and renumerate the company, for providing such a solid and useful software.
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    Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player