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Windows disk management, not accurate for GPT and EFI partitions?

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    Windows disk management, not accurate for GPT and EFI partitions?

    I installed Windows 8 with UEFI enabled in BIOS on a GPT SSD disk and was curious about the partitions the installation created. The disk was clean with no partitions before installing. (Note: I split the main partition afterwards so ignore the last partition in these screen shots).

    Windows 8 disk management shows the disk (disk 2), as four partitions, the first two reported incorrectly as 100% free and unused.

    Then looking at the same disk (disk 3 here because it starts counting at '1' and not '0' like the previous window), with MiniTool Partition Wizard you see the the five partitions accurately displayed and the usage correctly shown.

    Does anyone else looking at their GPT disks and EFI partitions with Windows disk management notice the same, or have an explanation?

    Also has anyone had W8 install the 300MB recovery partition? Is this normal for UEFI installations?
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    That is normal.

    Windows won't show you the msr - and the others are shown in disk mgmt as an unrecognized filesystem.

    Probably to stop you, or programs from messing with them .

    3rd party partitioners will let you see them.
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    Do you know why the System partition, ie the boot partition, is shown as unused? With MBR disks you get to see the equivalent partition (system reserved), percentage use shown as it is.
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Windows disk management, not accurate for GPT and EFI partitions?
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