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Windows 7 dualboot with windows 8 problems

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    Windows 7 dualboot with windows 8 problems


    I have partitioned my hard-drive and installed Windows 8 release preview, but now my windows 7 installation wont start to goes into automatic repair and when i try to do a system repair it oesnt find anything wrong.
    I have checked disk management and it seems to have changed my drive letters also.

    Has anyone had this problem and can give me advice.



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    You will have to fix your dual-boot problem manually. From my experience (I always mess up my dual-boot some way or another lol ), automatic repair has never worked for me so I have to do everything by using command prompt. Since Windows 7 is more important than Windows 8, use the Windows 7 Setup DVD and:

    1) Set Windows 7 as "Active" partition
    2) Rebuild BCD
    3) Fix MBR
    4) Fix Boot

    You can find easy instructions here. Bootmgr is missing - Fix - Windows 7 Forums

    *Just remember that you won't see the nice blue metro style boot screen anymore, but you will still be able to boot to Windows 8 from the list. If you want to get the metro boot screen back, that is another thing but it is possible. I've done that before.
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    My Win7 and Win8 boot menu works peoperly but I've noticed tthat my Win7 profile has been corrupted and I'll need to repair it...
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    Hi, thank for the answers...
    I have tried what was suggested, but now its coming up with File: \windows\system32\winlad.exe "The Digital Signature for this file couldn't be verified" Status.0xc0000428. It doesnt even let me get into the startup repair menu now.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    If you can boot to either Windows 8 or 7:
    Downlaod and install Visual BCD package.
    Run "Dual-boot Repair" tool, click "Automatic Repair".

    This will install all necessary boot files and make Windows 8 boot by default.

    If Win 7 missing from boot-menu:
    Run Visual BCD Editor, right-click in left pane, select "Create missing Windows loaders".
    That's it.
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Windows 7 dualboot with windows 8 problems
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