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Suggested Steps To Take Installing And Setting Up Windows 8

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    Windows 8 Pro

    My answer is somewhat similar to what some of the other members have said. I like win7 and can think of no good reason why I need win8. But I'm getting it anyway for two reasons. First the price of $40.00 is pretty good. Second, I like to try new things.

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    can I set any of the tiles to rotate between a set of chosen images and if so, how do I do that? could someone point me to the relevant tile?
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    Hello, xraiderv1. Welcome to EightForums. Good to have you.

    I'm not sure what you mean. Could you please explain further?
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    you know how you can set the desktop to slideshow between images?

    is there a metro tile that can do the same?
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    No. Windows 8 is a slimmed down model using less resources and for more speed. There are a lot of personalization options that have been stripped out. This is not to say there may be some 3rd party app out there somewhere if one would like to do a net search. I have not heard of one to perform what you want.
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    alright, thanks.
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    I'm glad to be apart of this GRRRREAT forum.... In my first window 8 installation project on a 2005 ThinkPad 512 RAM under 40GB hard drive because I am dual booting with win7...It turned out better than expected. I am finding myself on the laptop now more than I am on my work win7 desktop and home laptops. For me, win8 feels like my Toshiba tablet on steroids or a hybrid android OS. I love it, the best of both worlds. Getting back to the installation on the ThinkPad...I would suggest that if you have a computer system built buy a major computer brand like IBM, Dell, Toshiba or etc., to visit their website to see if they have provided a Window 8 compatibility upgrade guide or information for the system you intend on installing win8 on. Of course I did not do that until after I was successful (after 2 fail attempts) in installing win8 on my ThinkPad. Well, it early in the morning and I have been without sleep for the last 22 hours so, I am sleep typing.
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    Hello, JRadio. Welcome to Eight Forums. It's good to have you.

    I find it to be an excellent suggestion ["to visit their (OEM) website to see if they have provided a Window 8 compatibility upgrade guide or information for the system you intend on installing Windows 8 on"]. Thank you for posting this. I will send PMs to the reviewing members with your suggestion.

    I'll assume you had to be thinking that "There's got to be a better way". I got a chuckle out of the 22 hours without sleep. Only a diehard computer geek would be willing to spend that much installation time to get a system to work! I commend you for that and for posting, my good fellow!
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    Windows 8

    Greetings from Romania, i just registered and this is my first post.

    Technical issue:

    I'm trying to install Windows 8 on a second computer and i'm having this exact problem that is shown in this youtube video -> Windows 8 and GT 520 Graphic Issue during installation - YouTube

    I managed to get to the stage where the installation is almost complete and it writes "windows is preparing your desktop" or something like that and then the screen goes dark, the monitor shows "no video input" and "going into sleep mode" and after that it goes idle for more than i can wait so i can only restart the computer and after i do that the launcher will revert back to the previous windows because "the installation has failed" and after the previous windows is restored i get "we could not install windows 8"

    Does anyone know how this can be solved?
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    Mine did this until I setup the BIOS to "boot from hard drive" as the 1st option (default), then boot from CD/DVD as the 2nd choice with others disabled. It worked for me... Good luck!
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Suggested Steps To Take Installing And Setting Up Windows 8
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