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Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Windows 8

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    Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Windows 8

    Hello EF guys

    I just want to ask the gurus here;

    I wanted to remove Windows 7 from dual boot with Windows 8 and reclaim the Windows 7 partition for backup purposes, and Use Windows 8 as a Main and only OS on my notebook...

    Additional info;

    I first installed Windows 7 on this notebook and install Windows 8 on new Partition, but now wanted to Use Windows 8 and remove Windows 7...

    Any help guys. Thank you.

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    Please post a screen shot of disk management window.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Please post a screen shot of disk management window.
    Thank u for the reply. Which DMW? from Windows 8 or Windows 7?


    Ive added Disk Management Window screenshot from Windows 8. Thanks.
    Click image for larger version
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    Hi netbox. Welcome to EF.

    I dual boot 8 EE x64 with 7 Ultimate x86. You should be able to format and rename your 7 partition within 8 to accomplish your goal of backup. In fact that's pretty ingeneous. I may do that some day.

    Now the tricky part -> I'm not as savvy as SWI2 or others here. I'm not all too sure about the boot loader and it's choice to which OS one wants to boot in. That's a program that 8 added during installation and is loaded in RAM so one can make the choice. It is quite advanced in that it also contains advanced repair/restore options much like a repairt disk in the "Default" link at the bottom of the boot screen. I don't know what will happen with this, but I sure would like to learn. I did searches to no avail.

    It is a holiday weekend here in the U.S. and people vacation. I don't want to advise you on what to do. I'm learning a lot here as well. If anything this will bump up the post in "New Posts" so as to keep it on top so someone may notice. In the mean time, I'll ask a friend or two that I see are online to look in.

    I'll be keeping an eye on this.
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    That's the thing I want to clarify.

    If I do remove/format the Windows 7 partition via Disk Management Tool in Windows 8, do I have to do bcdedit thing to be able to boot properly to Windows 8 since my original setup was Windows 7 was installed 1st and wanted to remove Windows 7 and use Windows 8 single OS...

    I did try this scenario before on Windows Vista and 7, but I had problems upon reboot.
    I just want to make things easier now, before I face another problem after doing things happened before.

    Thank you for your guidance and pointers.
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    Have a look at the following tutorial. I know it's for Windows 7 but it should still be relevant for Windows 8.
    Dual Boot - Delete a OS - Windows 7 Forums
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    Thanks much, Jaidyn. You, Brink, and 7F come through again.

    OK, netbox. Point to the lower left corner of your screen -> Mini Start Screen appears -> Right click -> "Guts menu" appears -> Disk Management. Follow Brink's tutorial.

    8 Enterprise Evaluation put my Boot file on my 8 partition as seen below. I would imagine they did this so it's easier to get rid of the old OS, which is 7 in my case. It'll be interesting to see what the next OS does with it.

    My only question, is this really what you want to do? Your goal here is to use that partition for backup. DVDs, thumb drives, card drives, external drives, etc. are reasonably priced to do that. Perhaps you would like to keep 7 until you see how you like 8 and/or how it flies? Do you have 7 media to reinstall, if that's the case? Do you have other rigs?

    Please let us know how is goes. Good luck.

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    My answer to the original post:

    Log in Windows 8.
    Format W7 partition.
    Open "msconfig" (search in apps).
    Delete W7's boot entry.

    You should be done.

    I hope I could help you . Let us know
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    JaidynM, HippsieGypsie & Arpan
    much appreciated with your help guys, really great to joined here and 7F.

    @Arpan: I may try your steps, coz that's what comes to my mind at first

    @HippsieGypsie: The menu you've mentioned I called them Quick Admin Tools/Power User Tools. and I asked these questions so if ever in a future I may want to delete Windows 7, I can do it easily without worrying a thing because of all your help.
    and yes, I do have OEM Recovery USB Drive for restoration of my Windows 7 that came with this notebook.
    I also have Images of my disks saved on external drive for backup purposes, I also have a Windows 7 Universal Disk SP1 (created by me few months ago)
    So, i wont have to worry about these things.
    the 7 partition that I may want to delete is for my Installer and other files that I may need frequently.
    I dont want to delete Windows 7 for now, but honestly Im already used to Windows 8 Start Screen which I didn't like as a Desktop non-touch device user...
    Still, Windows 7 Rocks n' Roll THank you for your reply and help.

    @JaidynM: I think the important steps on that tutorial for me is the easybcd tool, to solve bootmgr, which I had problems before when I was using Vista and 7 and that solves it easily... Thanks for the link and response.

    EightForums Rulez
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    format the drive wit windows 7 .. den go to run .. type 'msconfig' n in boot jus delete the windows 7 .. nw u have ur main os as windows 8 its very simple to do cherz
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Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Windows 8
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