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7 Ultimate 32 bi -> Not OK to dual boot 8 Enterprise 64 bit?

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    7 Ultimate 32 bi -> Not OK to dual boot 8 Enterprise 64 bit?

    HI All.

    7 Ultimate x86 trying to dual boot 8 Enterprise x64. Get warning that software is not compatible with version your using. I know x64 is not compatible x32 OS, but does that apply with dual booting also?

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    Are you tying to install 64 bit from within your existing 32 bit o/s ?

    You would need to use a different method - I always apply the image - probably easier for you to burn a dvd or usb and then install by booting the media.
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    Thanks for answering, SWI2.

    I have both versions (x86 & X64) OSOs burned on DVDs. I went to install booting the 8 x64 from media, but was unsure after a while that it might not give me a choice as to what partition I wanted it installed on, so I stopped the process. I didn't want it going over my 7, for that I upgraded online, although I do have a mirror. So I tried loading x64 from within 7, then the warning. I'm not familiar with how 8 loads. I just didn't want to make a mistake.

    It is possible to have 7 x86 and 8 x64 as dual boot then? Also, I think I would be just getting by with 8 x64 so far as my specs. What do you think? I did upgrade my Mem to 2 GB max. I think my cores OK, but I need to get a video card and probably upgrade my BIOS.

    I did get the x86 loaded, but would like to try x64.

    Thanks again for answering. Any further help would be appreciated.
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    SWI2? Anyone?
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    Look, if your hardware supports x64 then you would most certainly be able to run a x64 bit OS. If your hardware isn't x64 capable you WON'T be able to run x64 OS whatsoever.

    Assuming your hardware is x64 capable, I suggest- instead of installing from the W8 setup file in Windows Explorer in 7, try booting up from the DVD in which you burned the W8 x64 iso.

    Good Luck!!
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    I dual-booted Vista x86 and Windows 8 x64 on my old computer. Boot from the DVD, it will let you choose which partition to install. But you have to select "Custom Installation".
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    Thanks so much, eXcite. Will do. I am about to attempt it.
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    Good luck.
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    Thanks to all! It's installing as I type. I'll let you know how it goes. On my Droid2 now. I hope to answer on my new new x64 8 Enterprise.
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    Success! My first x64 OS. Answering first thing as promised above. More excited than Ralphie when he opened his Christmas present to his first BB gun in the flic "A Christmas Story"!!!

    It sure went a lot quicker than 32 bit. About a third less of the time.

    All in all, I learned a few things today thanks to you all and the forums! I love this place!!

    I'll mark this thread as solved. Thanks again!

    Now for personalizing.................
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7 Ultimate 32 bi -> Not OK to dual boot 8 Enterprise 64 bit?
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