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Solution to 0xc000428 when dual booting Win7 and Win8

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    Solution to 0xc000428 when dual booting Win7 and Win8

    Hello all! I have found a few people with this problem (including myself) . If you have dual booted Windows 7 and Windows 8 (even by using a VHD to boot from) and are getting the 0xc000428 error when booting Windows 7, I have the solution.

    1. Insert a Windows 7 Setup disc and boot from it.
    2. Choose your language.
    3. Click on "Repair you computer" at the bottom
    4. Select "Windows 7" for the Windows installation selection
    5. At the recovery tools page, click on CMD
    6. Enter the following commands:

    1. D: (adjust this to wherever your copy of 7 is located)
    2. cd \Windows\System32
    3. del winload.exe
    4. copy "winload~1.exe" winload.exe
    5. exit

    Now boot into Windows 7, and download EasyBCD. From there, you can add a new OS into the bootloader using a GUI.

    Hope this helps!

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    An even better solution:
    Download Visual BCD Editor and change winload.exe to winload~1.exe for Windows 7 loader path.

    No need to boot, reboot, delete, copy or whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by louisjms View Post
    1. D: (adjust this to wherever your copy of 7 is located)
    2. cd \Windows\System32
    3. del winload.exe
    4. copy "winload~1.exe" winload.exe
    5. exit
    Thanks a lot louisjms, this solved the issue in 5 seconds And to think I went to all these different solutions, from the classic bootrec /fixMBR /fixBoot /rebuildBCD to disabling driver signature enforcement & even trying to delete protected system boot files (which i couldn't do even on CMD, i was about to give it a try in a Linux CD)

    And Boyans, how do you expect us to install software when we can't even boot?! If we could make it bootable I'd be a different story.
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Solution to 0xc000428 when dual booting Win7 and Win8
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