now, this is something I experienced the first time I installed the Release Preview, but it also happened when I got a hold of an RTM leak of 8.

The setup would run just fine until the point it sets up devices and drivers at the boot screen. When the message "Restarting your PC" is supposed to appear and actually reboot, the installer hangs without any errors or messages, and I never got that "reboot" message at all.

From the sound of my hardware in the case, I can recognize that it manages to set up the GPU because its fans slow down to the appropriate speed, like they do when you boot up the OS and enter the Start Screen, but this issue comes a few moments after that, like it struggles to set up some other device in my config.

This isn't an actual "omgz i gets teh eroors halp" type of thread, I'm just interested in hearing if anyone else came across this...

Also, it looks to me like if I just reformat the partition that had a previous Windows OS installed (not 7, but Vista for example) which doesn't use that extra hidden partition for storing recovery files (I think those are recovery files anyway), the setup of 8 will hang at the exact same moment... When I first tried to install the Release Preview, I forgot that 8, like 7, makes a hidden partition (about 350 megs), and instead of deleting the Vista partition I wanted to use 8 on I just formated it and used all the space for the OS itself, and the setup hanged. The second time I was also unsuccessfull even though I installed it properly, with that extra 350megs partition made; so it's all intriguing to me.