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Dual boot issue

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    Dual boot issue

    I am dual-booting Windows 7 Pro with the Windows 8 preview. I had Windows 7 installed first.

    I have no trouble booting into Win7 if I my previous boot was into Win7.
    I have no trouble booting into Win8 if I my previous boot was into Win7.
    But if I try booting into Win7 when my previous boot was into Win8, I just get a black screen with a cursor, and eventually I have to give up and switch off.

    The difference is that if Win7 was my previous boot, I get the Win7 OS-selector (black screen, white writing, no mouse control).
    If Win8 was my previous boot, I get the Win8 OS-selector (colours, mouse control).

    So I assume there's something wrong with the Win OS-selector. After using it to select Win7, it just gives me a black screen with a cursor.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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    Dual: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 (default) & Win8Enterprise 64

    have you tried setting win7 as default?. coz i'm on dual boot and set win7 primary partition as default.
    maybe you would want to read details on these links>>

    Startup Options - Choose a Default OS to Run at Startup in Windows 8

    Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista

    hope this would help you.
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    It's already set as the default, so that's not it unfortunately
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    Hello wglmb, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    While you have Windows 8 as your previous boot, you might run an Automatic Repair (startup repair) at boot to see if it may be able to help.

    For now, you might see if using either OPTION ONE or OPTION TWO in the tutorial below may work for you to get to Startup Options from within Windows 8, and select Use another operating system to quickly start Windows 7. I find it to be a lot easier to switch from Windows 8 to Windows 7 with.

    Startup Options Menu - Boot to in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,

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    Maybe a screenshot of Disk Management and output of bcdedit.exe would give more info on problem.

    FYI boot sequence for Win 7/8 from HDD is:
    1. BIOS -> first disk MBR
    2. MBR -> active PBR(partition boot record) (first disk)
    3. PBR -> Boot manager on active (reads BCD on active)
    Boot menu is displayed...
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    Windows 8

    I also encountered this situation, Windows 7 booted into a black screen with just the cursor and it restarted itself. I formatted the MBR and installed Windows 8. Will try to dual boot as I'm still in unable to do so.
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    Thanks boyans, I've attached screenshots of bcdedit & disc management.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bcdedit.jpg   DiscManagement.jpg  
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    Power Options --> 'Choose what the power button does' - disable Hybrid Boot
    and see if this brings a change in Win7/Win8 booting.

    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 10 Education 64 Bit

    I am also dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8.
    If I set Windows 7 as my default OS, I get the Windows 7 OS-selector (black screen, white writing, no mouse control).
    If I set Windows 8 as my default OS, I get the Windows 8 OS-selector with mouse control and a graphical UI.
    I just assumed that was normal. I'll have to do a reboot and do a one time switch and see what happens.
    My dual boot doesn't do what yours does.
    On boot up, I got the Win 8 Boot menu and selected Windows 7.
    Windows 7 loaded and I did a Windows shut down.
    On the next boot up I got the Windows 8 boot menu, not the Windows 7 one.
    Mine only toggles if I switch the selected default OS.
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    Win 7 Pro

    Thanks boyans, disabling fast startup seems to have done the trick - my computer now boots to the Win7 OS-selector every time
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