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What file format for putting Win8 ISO onto USB stick?

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    What file format for putting Win8 ISO onto USB stick?

    FAT32 or NTFS? Does it matter?

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    FAT32 is the older format, best for XP and before...
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    Fat32 is best for USB as it is the most portable (most universally readable). Though some of today's super huge USB sticks are pushing the limits. NTFS on a thumbdrive is generally overkill.

    But in the end it doesn't really matter.
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    Well I'm formatting my new 16GB drive now as FAT32. I'm going to be putting the Win8 ISO on there, and dual-booting an XP x86 machine.

    After installing I may reformat it to NTFS and use it the drive for other things, general file storage/transfer etc.
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    use windows 7 usb tool, it will take care of it
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    Hey I actually ended up getting the DVD working... so now I have this 16GB USB stick with no immediate use for it. I'll probably reformat it as NTFS and use it for whatever.
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What file format for putting Win8 ISO onto USB stick?
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