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Can see screen while installing Windows 8

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    rbmorse oh FFS! Analog is VGA/SVGA. Sheesh!! And I Cut and Pasted because every time I put things into my own verbiage I have been asked to show that same information from an online source. So I cut out the middleman, and just C & P! Others with the exception of yourself have ACCEPTED it that way, but with you...BUT NOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Your the ONLY one right, and the internet is WRONG!

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    When's the Ice-hockey due to start??

    p.s. I think Jack left ages ago......
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    Oh, Mike, that is so disappointing. A pure ad hominem attack? Really. Are you ready to admit your error?

    Yes, VGA/SVGA is analog. Actually we agreed on that a long time ago, but it is not serial and you don't get it from a serial port like you told Jack (although the VGA's DB-15 connector does kinda resemble a PC serial port -- at least to HippseyGippsey). Why? Because serial is inherently digital (one bit at a time and all that). But you've been too busy flouting your ignorance to realize your mistake is that you misread Jack's response to you, made a little technical error (accompanied by the phrase "commonly used" to lend authority to your ignorance) and for some reason you simply can't admit it. Your attempts to cover it up revealed a whole universe of other subjects in which you are similarly ignorant.

    No, Mike. I'm not wrong. Its the way you are trying to use of information you found on Wikipedia (probably using Google because you don't know what to search for directly) that's wrong. Even where you managed to get the content correct it was largely irrelevant to the subject (I'll remind you again: it's was PC video) -- I'm taking about your posts on lists of digital standards, modems and telephony, little hobbyist project breadboards, outboard A/D converters, etc. It's clear that you were just blindly searching for anything with analog and digital (you quit early searching on video, probably realized that wasn't going to help you) and came up with a bunch of unrelated data -- none of which are pertinent and all indicative of the fact you simply don't know what you are talking about.

    I've told you what I think you should do here.

    I'm done. Saturday is the day the Border Collies take me out and try to teach me to herd sheep and I'm tired of dealing with your pathetic attempts to dig yourself out of a hole. You can interpret that as "you won" if you want, but I think inside you know what happened here. I don't think you're stupid...I think you really could learn about this stuff if you wanted and I hope that you are young enough to get some formal education in computing or related areas because our country (hell, the world) needs more engineers and technicians building real tools that make life better for everybody. But I will tell you that it is hard work and there is no way around it. If you keep trying to fake your way through someone is always going to be around to expose you as the fool you are.
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    Oh...let me give you a bonus hint for next time, since I think you're going to need it:

    When I pointed out you use of the term "serial analog video" was incorrect, you could have replied, "Yes, I know that, but a DB-15 looks like a serial port to most people (that's what I meant by common usage) and I've found it easier to use than rather then get bogged down in technical arcana when they don't really care."

    Had you done that it would have provided a plausible cover for your mistake. Instead, you chose to reveal your vast ignorance. You might consider making wiser choices in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbmorse View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    @ rbmorse

    Hippyegypsey doesn't understand the difference between analog and digital. Let me quote from the very first sentence of the Wikipedia article he linked:
    Excusez-moi? How can you make a statement like that? I may not be the savviest member here, but I certainly do know the difference between analogue and digital in the theoretical sense.

    Then why make such an ignornant post?

    "I have these plugs on my flat-screen monitor and PC."
    Ok, maybe you do know the difference between analog and digital. You don't know the difference between a connector and a signaling protocol.

    Oh...I bought my first computer 7 years before you bought yours.

    OK, rbmorse. I'm not trying to start a war here or play top dog. I know we men and our egos. I try to practice the principle and treat everyone as an equal, as our constitution states. I don't like it when I feel talked down to or accused of things falsely. Nor talked up to, so far as that is concerned. God knows I've done my fair share of both. Equal is the key word here.

    I'm a builder. That's what I know. You probably know more about hardware and/or software than I do and more than I'll probably care to. For the most part, I just want to plug the damn thing in and use it. If one goes back through the thread about statements made in posts about "serial", you stated:

    The page you linked does not contain the word "serial." In any usage. The female connection you reference is commonly known as a VGA port (or D-sub port) as described in your link.

    There is no such thing as a "serial/video port" in PC applications, much less a term in common usage.
    I heard the name/term of "serial/video port" before, thought that strange, proceeded to do an internet search, and simply reported what I found. I thought I would simply add info to topic at hand. Also, my apology to the fact that I should have inserted a "" in my "balloon" statement towards you. That would have been more appropriate. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make it sound like a bash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    HippsieGypsie said:
    . Personal Computer Related Memories - I Remember: Before PCs, stereo, color TV, remote controls, and disposable diapers.
    Sheesh Tony, you forgot about the daily, or weekly trips to the woodshed.
    LOL! I did forget to say I had a wood-burning furnace I used while I was raising the kids. After all, I'm a builder with ample supply to scrap wood. Saved on the fuel bill. I also grew a big garden to save on the food bill. I was quite the nature boy back then. Still love Nature!
    Last edited by HippsieGypsie; 18 Aug 2012 at 12:20.
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Can see screen while installing Windows 8
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