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Can see screen while installing Windows 8

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    I know sooner or later you'll achieve it. Interesting to watch!

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    What do you guys think about that cpu issue? Man I tell ya!!
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    I don't know what Mike will say. He's far more savvy than I. I don't see why 8 won't handle it, although I read some about 8 and core management trouble.

    Hang on. I'm sure he'll answer soon.

    In the mean time, I suggest you fill out more of your system specs in your profile so that all may see it.
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    Okay, will do and thanks!
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    At this point, I think Jack should take it into a local shop. So that they can help him load Windows 8 RTM, 8 RP is not really in contention now. I have a NVidia GeForce card on this box, and have never had that happen. I check with various board and NVidia
    concerning this occurrence, and they concur the system should be started from scratch, with the most up to date driver(s) for their card. Also I think when Jack first loaded Windows 8 RP, he should of had the driver available. Concerning the CPU I'm running Windows 8 (NOW with RTM) a Medion system with a 1.3GHz processor, and 2 GHz or RAM. That computer started life with the server pack less version of XP. Intel processor, and a NVidia GeForce XP 32 bit card. So I know the bare basics will work with Windows 8 RTM. Jack seriously you should go to a computer repair shop, that way you can do the work, and if any problems come up, it can be resolved quicker. A lot of community centers are out there as well, that will have techs onsite to help you out as well.
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    I did find the cpu issue, my bios needed updating, so now that doesn't come up, but yeah, I think if it doesn't work now, then I will do that. Maybe that was part of the problem from the beginning. Thanks for the time and patience!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    Jack? Trust me on this, you need to borrow a analog monitor that uses the serial port on your PC. ANY connection outside of a serial port is NOT analog.
    This is not correct. VGA (via the D-sub connector) is analog RGB, not digital.
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    rbmorse please exam the included link, that female connection is commonly known as a serial/video port. I just called it a serial for the simple reason that it is strictly for VGA/SVGA. Also known as a analog connection.

    VGA connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The page you linked does not contain the word "serial." In any usage. The female connection you reference is commonly known as a VGA port (or D-sub port) as described in your link.

    There is no such thing as a "serial/video port" in PC applications, much less a term in common usage.

    By definition (and by definition I mean the published standards for PC devices that use the term "serial," i.e., RS-232/RS-422/RS-423/RS-485) all describe digital connections, not analog. So, I guess you're incorrect on two points.
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    I hate to push a pin in your balloon, but..............

    Serial port - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Can see screen while installing Windows 8
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