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Format Windows 10 - After Update

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    Format Windows 10 - After Update

    Hey everyone,

    About a year and a half ago we had an epic thread on here when I bought my new lap top and couldn't install windows on it: New Acer Lap Top came with Linux - How to Install Win 7?

    Eventually I succeeded in installing Windows 8.1, and then at a later date I upgraded to Windows 10 using the free upgrade Microsoft was offering.

    After the update, my lap top got significantly slower, but I just couldn't format because I had a ton of files on my lap top and didn't have the time to get to it. Recently I got infected by some ransomware, so I decided it's time to format.

    Now, formatting used to be pretty straightforward for me. Move all files and folders to an external hard drive, stick the OS cd in for Windows XP or Windows 7, and format.

    But now, I'm unsure. First of all, I'm unsure whether I should install Windows 8.1 (which I have on a USB nicely waiting to be used), or if I should install Windows 10. Then, if I was to go with Windows 10, I'd have to format the USB and put Windows 10 on it. But if I did, would the same license key that I used for Windows 8.1 work for Windows 10? Or could I install Windows 8.1 and then upgrade again (assuming the free upgrade is still being offered)? Or maybe I should just install and use Windows 8.1, seeing as last time I upgraded my lap top became significantly slower after the upgrade.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

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    So I've been reading about it and thinking about it.

    I'll install Windows 8.1 and stick with it.

    Two main reasons.

    1) On Windows 10 sometimes my internet just shuts down, and I have to restart the lap top to get it to work again (no, restarting router doesn't solve it, and I tried every option I found on Google, and it doesn't fix it). And at the same time as it happens on my Windows 10, I have my other lap top with Windows 7 working fine.

    2) (You won't believe this shit) On Windows 10 all folders text/names get stuck to the left. This really irritates me. I mean, no no no. And there's no way to fix it so that it centralizes the names (like it always used to work Win XP, Win 7, Win 8/8.1, etc)

    So there I go. I'll format today or tomorrow, and hope it all works out.
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    Just to let you know, you can clean install Windows 10 at any time and not have to worry about a product key. Your computer's hardware ID's are registered with Microsoft's activation servers. As long as you don't change the motherboard or maybe the CPU you should be good. You don't have to go back to 8, 8.1 and then upgrade to 10 again. You do have to install the same version of Windows 10 (Home or Pro) you had originally. During installation, when it asks for a product key, just click "I don't have one". It will automatically activate once you go on the internet.

    Personally I would clean install Windows 10 and see if you have the same problems. If you do, then I would go back to 8 or 8.1.
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Format Windows 10 - After Update
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