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Setup not working (strongly suspect issue is with partitioning)

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    Setup not working (strongly suspect issue is with partitioning)

    As stated in the title, my windows 8 setup is not working. I'm trying to dual-boot the release preview ISO with my current win 7 (64 bit), but I'm having... difficulties. The problem seems to be with the partitioning. Here's what my Disk Management looks like before partitioning.Click image for larger version
    (The loading circle is the computer shrinking the c drive)
    The thing partitions fine (well, at least without showing any error messages), and I'll be left with about 130 gig of unallocated space on the hard drive, showing a black bar on top.Click image for larger version I right click on it, select 'new simple volume', and go through the setup, giving it the letter G and the tag windows 8. It then pops up on the disk manager and in the explorer. I noticed that the layout is listed as 'simple' but the type is actually listed as "dynamic" something I think could be the heart of the problem (this is actually true of all the drives). Click image for larger version

    Another thing I noticed was that not a single one of the drives was primary, unlike many those I've seen on youtube tutorials. I also tried creating a logical drive using cmd, but nothing was created. If it helps I'm using an hp-2000 with amd processor. The laptop came with four drives already installed, one of which I deleted (the backup) to ensure that the cap on disks (sorry if this is bad terminology) caused the problem. Anyways, I boot into the installation mode, go through the installer, balh blah blah... After I select custom and attempt to sselect the G drive the things says "windows 8 cannot be installed as the selected drive contains one or more dynamic elements" (or something t that effect, I don't exactly remember). I've tried it again and again, but no dice.
    Any and all help is appreciated

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    Welcome to EightForums pipsqueaker117

    So now you are currently running Win7 64bit, have you try this tutorial Partition or Volume - Create New in Tutorials - Windows 7 Forums?

    Check that one and read thoroughly step by step.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sadly with "dynamic disks", you cannot install another booting OS, as far as I know.
    I have no idea how your partitions got to be that way instead of simple basic disks, but it seems to be the disk management of Windows 7, when confronted with a hidden system disk, and an OEM recovery partition, instead of creating an extended partition, sometimes sets all the volumes as dynamic.

    This is a situation that has only one resolution that I know of - to back up the existing drives, wipe everything clean, and recreate simple basic primary partitions, and reload your existing system. Imaging utilities can be used for this backup - Acronis and Macrium are two that spring to mind. It does depend on having sufficient external storage to carry out this operation.

    Sorry that there is no easier option.
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Setup not working (strongly suspect issue is with partitioning)
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