The above title is my laptop I am using and after doing what you are about read below and how it led to this problem.

PREVIOUS OS: Windows 10 updated from 8.1
OS: Windows 8.1 (currently)

yesterday my laptop was working perfectly fine in the morning until couple of hours later my Network icon on the bottom right corner of the taskbar disappeared. I could still access the Internet but YouTube videos would not load at all I want getting playback errors and my steam client would not load or connect. I attempted multiple methods of troubleshooting such as:
  • Trying to turn it on in the Notification Icon settings (it was greyed out and left on no)
  • Uninstalling my wireless driver in Device Manager, restarting my laptop and updating the Network adapter drivers and adding the latest driver.
  • System Restore point to the previous day
  • Finally deciding to do a factory reset in which now my laptop seems to shut off when trying to load windows.