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Sony svs13 cant load 1 install.wim file split 2 indexe

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    Sony svs13 cant load 1 install.wim file split 2 indexe


    i have a sony svs series i7 which has no recovery counsel from assist button. I used diskpart to un hide the recovery partition and used cmd to explore the partition to find the .wim file the path is d:/sources/instal.wim
    there is only one .wim file which is 14gb there are no other .wim files
    the file instal.wim is split into two indexs. index 2 is called push button reset.

    i have tried the following i used imagex 64bit to load the install.wim onto the c : drive using the following command

    f:/imagex.exe /ref install*.wim /apply install.wim / 1 c:\ (or something similar)
    imagex loads the image fine but it dose it in less 2 mins . on reboot the files fail to excute properly and the laptop just resarts until it hits the recovery window but there is no win recovery becasue the os has not installed because the .wim has not executed.

    i also tried f:/imagex.exe / apply install.wim 1 c:\ and the same thing happened as above.

    so i installed 8 and changed the recovery path of the windows os . using the this command reagentc /setreimage /path d:\sources/install.wim/index2

    Then created a recovery usb and i set the path to the second index of the .wim (push button reset) i then created ausb recovery but it got stuck half way , i rebooted the machine and launch the stick any way, the samee thing happened as when i used the cmd command. how can i make this wim excute correctly?

    here are the online guides i used

    To manually load the wim to the c: using imagex

    to mount the .wim and explore it s indexs and change the recovery path of windows

    Please help me to make this install.wim load properly because its driving me mad, and if any one knows the command ine it would be a mega help.

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    Just to let you know I'm a novice at this too. I successfully applied a couple of oem images just to see if I could do it.

    You said the install.wim has index 1 and index 2. It took two minutes at apply the image. That does not sound right, it should take longer. I would apply index 1 and then apply index 2 to the same partition. Then try to boot.
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    whats the code to apply the index separately because thats the problem i have. i used the code to change the windows recovery path to index 2 but how can i use cmd to get the install.wim to apply itself to the c: in the correct order i.e i need the install.wim to open and then load part one then part two, right now its loading a tiny amount of data not the 14gb
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    First you apply the first command. I'll use example you used above

    f:/imagex.exe /ref install*.wim /apply install.wim / 1 c:\

    When that is finished, still at the command prompt, use this command

    f:/imagex.exe /ref install*.wim /apply install.wim / 2 c:\

    Its the same command, you just change the one number from a 1 to a 2
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    sorry for not getting back sooner.
    ok heres is what i actually wrote g:/imagex.exe /ref instal*.wim /apply install.wim 1 c :\

    i tried what you said and the got the message image two not found because there is only one .wim but its split into indexs which need to load in the correct order bit like an iso i guess? any ideas?
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    This is the command I used to apply the .wim file with more than one index.

    C:\imagex 64\imagex.exe /apply D:\sources\install.wim 1 F:\

    imagex.exe was in the imagex 64 folder on the root of C:\ drive
    The .wim file was in the D:\sources folder
    I applyed the image to F:\ drive
    The number 1 in the command indicates index 1

    Now you have to adjust the command to your situation

    After you successfully apply index 1, go back and adjust the command to apply index 2

    C:\imagex 64\imagex.exe /apply D:\sources\install.wim 2 F:\

    In the command you posted above I don't see where the .wim file is located.

    The oem .wim file I was applying had 3 indexs. I was able to apply all 3 just by changing the number from 1 to 2 to 3

    This is the command you posted above

    g:/imagex.exe /ref instal*.wim /apply install.wim 1 c :\

    imagex.exe is on the root of g:\ drive
    next should be "apply" and where the .wim file is located example /apply D:\sources\install.wim
    1 indicates index 1
    C:\ is where you want to apply the image.
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Sony svs13 cant load 1 install.wim file split 2 indexe
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