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Is it possible to recreate the recovery disk?

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    Is it possible to recreate the recovery disk?

    Hello guys and thank you for reading.

    I own an Asus netbook born with windows 8.1. As soon I have bought it I made the recovery disk via USB on hard disk.
    To be safe, I made a copy of the files (not another support, just a transferral of files) and they are stored on another disk.

    The disk used as recovery tool is now broken.
    What I can do at the moment is only load a system image from an hard disk but I can't recovery the system to its original state.

    The problem is more clear if I tell you that at the moment, the Asus runs windows 10 instead of 8.1 so I can't load any system image from windows 8.1 (I can load images from win 10 only).
    Is there any way to recreate the recovery disk from the files I have saved?

    I have tried to copy them to an USB drive but something fails, I can choose to start from USB but it do not recognize the recovery procedure so it is prompted again to choose what to do (continue/quit, etc.)
    Ask me more if something is not clear.

    Thank you for the help.

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    Welcome to the forum. It all depends what format the files are you have they can be install files or a image of the hard drive with software to fromage. Do you want to go back to 8 or reinstall 10?
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    Thank you for the reply.
    The files I saved are a simple drag and drop from the recovery disk (unfortunately I didn't know they can't work out of the recovery disk where they are created).
    The big part of these files are 2 .wim files "custom" and "install" and I guess the rest are istructions about how to format the disk.

    I would create from Microsoft a generic 8.1 installer to install the OS and then use the system image I own... but I suppose it can't work because originally the netbook had a wimboot partition and the system image could be not recognised as same OS.

    Yes I would go back to 8.1. I can't use the internal tool because the device runs 10 from last year and the option is no more available.
    Unfortunately windows 10 on this device is going worse every update... and the anniversay is a clean install.

    Thank you again.
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    Have you got a list of files we may be able to tell from that dont you have a recovery partition showing in diskmanager? I found a couple of videos for you how to install using the install.wim

    and some other details Reinstall windows 8 by install.wim - Requests -
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    This is the list of files I made a copy. (if useful, for a comparizon to another owner, the deviceis Asus x205ta)
    There is no recovery partition at the moment.
    Originally, with 8.1, the recovery partition was at the same time the OS running on a second partition. The option delete the recovery partition was disabled due this kind of OS.
    With windows 10 I have merged all partitions (the previous recovery partition could have done interferences with the new OS. Anyway I was in need of space).

    I'm watching the video you linked, thank you. A first question is about wich of 2 .wim files should I use? Install or Custom
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    Is there any .exe files on the USB? Install will be basic Windows the custom will be the one go use with drivers installed etc there are lots of videos on YouTube to show you how to do it
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    No exe file, all the files are as shown in the list.
    At a first sight the wim deployment is possible after a deep study of the steps.
    I still have doubts about the wim file to use and the istruction to format the device.
    The cases shown on youtube seem to be related to a standard windows deployment. As mentioned my case is a wimboot so I should maybe insert more strings to create a double partition... I can read some of those strings in the $PBR_Diskpart.txt and $PBR_ResetConfig.xml but I don't know how to combine by myself.
    After I have googled something I've reached this thread on this forum, the case looks similar to mine:
    Restoring OEM Windows 8.1 from "install.wim" file only
    Unfortunately I have got an error message after the firs step mentioned.
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    I'm not sure you tried this from your reply above but try downloading Windows 8.1 ISO file. Exract the ISO to a folder, there will be a Install.wim file in the Sources folder, replace that install.wim with the one you have backed up on your portable hard drive. Create install media and try installing with the replaced install.wim

    If you have a spare hard drive I would try it with that. If something goes sideways, you could just put the original back in.

    I have read some people have success with this, others do not. I have never tried it myself.
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    Did you just copy the files or use Asus backtrack?
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    Hello and thanks again for the support.
    I have tried to install a generic windows 8.1 and as imagined I can't restore a system image I made because of the different partitioning used for wimboot systems.
    I have tried to deploy the install.wim but the result I have got is "your pc needs to be repaired" because the boot is compromised.
    I know I made some mistakes... and after that I have realized (as I wrote before)that the commands to initialize the deployment are different for a wimboot system.

    At the moment I am downloading an installer from Microsoft hoping it can bypass the error message and at least install the OS.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrustMe
    Create install media and try installing with the replaced install.wim
    No I didn't try it yet. If I can unlock the device I'll try maybe, anyway I think the install has not the istructions to create the wimboot partition and probably the result will be similar to a generic windows 8.1 installation.

    What makes me angry is that I made the recovery tool and now is broken. I have all the content saved but it does not work...what is the magic that makes work the USB recovery tool created from the OS and not working the one made by me copying the files???


    No install.wim in the folders. I have a boot.wim (108Mb) and an Install.esd (2 Gb)

    Quote Originally Posted by samuria

    Did you just copy the files or use Asus backtrack?
    No samuria, just a copy. Asus backtracker was not working when I tried it (windows 8.1 and Asus not recognised from the software). That is not a surprise...Asus released wrong drivers for win 10 and my device, I had to use drivers for w8.1. I have reported that to the customer care but they still say they have released the crorrect version.
    See you later for updates.

    It seems that the installer can bypass the error screen. So I'll procede with next tests
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Is it possible to recreate the recovery disk?
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