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Never seen this! Trying to reset

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    Never seen this! Trying to reset

    Picture says it all!

    what to do now? and why am I missing files!?? I was hoping to not have to download windows..

    This is a pre-installed machine..

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    Your PC comes with base Windows since then many files have been updated via updates that is the problem so it doesn't want to replace your system with older files you need the latest ISO
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    I see what you are saying and thanks for the answer,


    so then what was the point of having the "Reset" windows ... I assume I can't refresh either right?

    If Microsoft is going to constantly update windows updates every tuesday or whatever stupid thing they do, Why did they create a "Reset" windows.. if you always need the CD or ISO..

    it means no matter what, I always have to download a 3gigabyte ISO file from windows.. anytime I ever want to reset or do anything to my windows??

    it did not used to be like that.. this appears to be something new..

    I also see that it seems to be pointless to have backups as well because windows wants you to have the exact same hard drive that you had in 1915.....

    I have a new SSD hard drive and I can't even restore a backup properly either..

    it's very very very frustrating that I can't just reset my windows.. I have a proper backup too... but I see this is pointless..
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    Hi, you said the machine came with windows pre-installed? If it did not come with an installation DVD then it would have had a portion of the disk reserved for an image of the OS. This partition is hidden so that the user can`t accidentally delete it. Is it possible that you have used a third party disk partitioning tool?. if you have then you may have deleted the system image. If that's the case them I`m afraid you may have to purchase a new copy of Windows. Not much comfort to you now, but I`ve found Windows image files hard to work with. There are free disk imaging tools that do a much better job. You could always switch to Linux, it`s a big move, and it`s a pain sometimes to get used to new software, but some versions of Linux are aimed at Windows converts, Zorin is one that is graphically similar to windows. But best of all it`s free. So if money is an issue and you have tried everything else then it might be worth a try.
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Never seen this! Trying to reset
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