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Blank blue screen after click repair on win 8.1 install dv

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    Blank blue screen after click repair on win 8.1 install dv

    Win 8.1 install DVD created from Microsoft downloadable iso.

    This DVD has already worked previously.

    Enter language info, next screen basically a choice of install or repair, hit repair option with intention to reformat and new install, get blank blue screen nothing at all, now for about 20 minutes.

    Similar if I try the install option, just sticks on "starting installation".

    Do these options "have" to have a HDD with absolutely no errors before they will even bring up a menu. I thought they might at least have given the option to create brand new partition(s) and formatting, so losing any bad sectors.


    After like forever, it offers me to 1) try to fix things 2) wipe everything and install afresh.

    I choose 2)

    Presumably the difference between that and the install option at the very start is that the install option at the very start doesn't offer repartition and reformat.

    It has now been at

    "Reset your PC
    Please wait."

    for about 20 minutes.

    There doesn't seem to be much feed back / comfort progress info. It can help even if one only understand some of it.

    Is this normal for it to sit for an age at each stage with no freed back?

    Edit 2:

    Now it says a required partition is missing. I guess it was checking for this. I read variously that the solution is to delete all partitions. Some say format the single partition. Others say just delete all partitions and leave as drive 0 unallocated. Will this leave the partition "structure" type as EIF GPT?

    I THOUGHT I had to turn off EIF Boot mode in bios and set cms in order to boot from installation DVD, but maybe that is just for USB.

    If deleting all partitions now allows win 8.1 to install, is it important what the bios boot mode is set to during this installation or only after installation on boot up IF the installation was executed with the idea that you wanted to use eif boot mode?

    Hope that makes sense.
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Blank blue screen after click repair on win 8.1 install dv
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