I have just upgraded my laptop from Windows 8 to 8.1 (as a test before updating my much more important and bigger desktop PC), and from the start I'm having issues.

The famous split screen is not happening. Once I have opened two apps and went back to the start menu to grab one from the top left corner - it is a fixed small rectangle which I can't resize or move vertically, which moves only horizontally and the moment I let go it opens in full screen. I have seen on the various video tutorials how this is done - none of this happens on my screen. I have also seen a bar that opens on the left side of the screen with the open apps - it does NOT appear on my screen. I have the recommended screen resolution.

Is there a setting that disables split screen? if so, where? Can I open this bar on the left side to see all my open apps and programs fom any window? Can I have this split screen with traditional programs like Word and Excel? (I use very few modern apps, if any).

This is just the first hurdle. I need to sort out Windows 8.1 getting rid of all errors on my laptop before I let it anyway near my desktop. All video tutorials How To are useless if none of they are showing is happening on my screen. I have not seen one yet "How to Fix Split Screen Issues".

As a side note - if the whole download and installation process took 3 hours on a very fast internet connection on my laptop which has a fraction of programs and apps of those on my desktop - how many hours will it take on my desktop?

I would appreciate your help. Thanks.