I have a Windows 8.1x64 system that was installed under AHCI mode and now want to change the BIOS SATA mode to RAID, but when I do this it won't boot (BSOD), it only boots if I set SATA mode to AHCI. I googled and tried the following tip but it still won't boot (BSOD):
Change to RAID mode from AHCI mode and vice versa:

  • If currently installed, uninstall your RAID or AHCI SATA driver (for intel, intel rapid storage technology)
  • Basically open msconfig -> boot tab -> check safe boot -> restart
  • Go into UEFI/BIOS and set SATA mode to which ever one you want
  • Boot up into windows safe mode
  • Open msconfig again -> under the main menu tab (general) click the normal startup circle - > restart
  • Your system should boot into windows fine and you can install your AHCI or RAID driver.

Any suggestion as to how to do this? Thanks