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Need to recover windows 8 from windows 10 Help!

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    Very good follow-up.. We are looking to verify file and folder locations, so we can reset to OEM Recovery..

    == Register the location of the recovery tools ==
    Reagentc /Setreimage /Path T:\Recovery\WindowsRE /Target C:\Windows

    == Register the location of the recovery image. ==
    Reagentc /Setosimage /Path R:\RecoveryImage /Target C:\Windows /Index 1

    Once again all file we are looking for where referred to earlier in topic..

    We found T:\Recovery\WindowsRE\WinRE.wim
    Now need to see the files on R so we can verify the rest of them

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    Thanks KYHI
    I like following your threads on this subject. I don't know why but I find them very interesting.

    I see from your post above you were looking for the recovery tools (WinRE.wim) and the recovery image. If I understand correctly, any time you need to reset OEM RECOVERY, you need to find these two partitions and register the .wim file from each partition. Your post above really helped clear things up.

    If you wanted to register a OEM image that was broken up into .swm files, would you just point to .swm file number one?
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    I did post M it was an empty folder here I will repost it.
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    I seen N was empty and now see M is empty.. So not sure how they where created, but both can be safely deleted...

    Try to assign letter R to the 20GB recovery partition....

    We just need the location of the Images, recovery does not care if wim or swm...
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    I am not sure what you mean? How do I assign the 20 gig partition. I am so not a computer geek. HA HA!
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    Okay I figured our how to try and assign partition 8 to the letter R but it wont let me either for some reason. Not sure how to delete the empty drives. Waiting for you reply.
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    then try to assign drive letter to partition 8 - this way...

    list volume
    select volume # (# being the volume number assigned to the 20GB partition)
    assign letter=R

    post a pic of R
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    I did the same way like I did with the others and it did not work. So do I try it exactly as you wrote it above?
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    Okay I tried it like you said here is a picture.
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    Okay success partition number 2 was the 20 GB it is now letter R. I tried to open it but it wont let me. lol
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Need to recover windows 8 from windows 10 Help!
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