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Need to recover windows 8 from windows 10 Help!

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    If it's network adapters and sound drivers that are out of whack, try opening Device Manager and rolling back to earlier versions. If that fixes it, then block future updates from Windwos Update. It's odd that you say you update to 10 almost a year ago and these problems suddenly appeared. I know my HP recently updated the Realtek HD Audio driver. I updated to 10 2 days after it came out and I have had very few issues.

    "Thanks yes I tried f11 already it is out of place it did not show up.. Yes there is a way to reach it I just do not know how. I also have the recovery on my external hard drive as well."

    Not sure what you mean by 'out of place' but I have two HP laptops. If you are saying that you still have the original D drive with the orig HP configuration on it, then access by turning off the power via Shutdown. Then, turn the power on and IMMEDIATELY and REPEATEDLY tapping f11 which should get you into the Windows Recovery Console. Choose Advanced Options and the option to Go Back to Earlier Build or however it is worded. This should access the black HP Recovery Manager console which you see in the link in post 3.

    Since you want to do a complete rollback, I would choose Factory Reset which will bring your computer back to the day you bought it and create new partitions. Obviously, BACK UP all personal files and make sure you either have or can access all software for re-install. The orig HP software and trial softwares, like Cyberlink or Power DVD will be re-installed automatically. All this assumes that you have never tinkered with the D partition other than make a copy to an ext drive. It should be approx 20gb in size.
    Good Luck

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    Okay let me help you understand. I can get into recovery however there is no option for a system restore/ or factory reset. The only option on there is windows 10. I do however have a partition drive with the backup recovery for 8 on it, but for some reason I cannot access it. I also have a backup recovery on an external hard drive as well as a backup. I am just hitting walls here.
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    I sent recovery files from my partition drive to a flash drive will that work to recover windows 8? I do have backup boot on my external hard drive. How do I use it to recover?
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    Since we can not see any of your partitions or files on those partitions - pictures would be helpful......

    open command prompt(admin) and type

    select disk 0
    list partition
    reagentc /info

    post pic of cmd windows
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    Okay my question is when I open the command prompt it does not show anything not even disk 0. Here I will send a picture.
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    I am having nothing but constant problems since I did the fourth boot clean install of windows 10. Every time I shut my lid down my computer wont wake up at all. I have to shut it down and restart it. This windows 10 has been a nightmare for me. I am so frustrated. I will be glad to get it back to where it was when I bought it on 8.1
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    The picture you posted shows you are at the Diskpart command prompt. Now at the Diskpart prompt type "select disk 0" without the quotes and hit the Enter key. It will say Disk 0 is now selected. At the prompt type "list partition" again without the quotes and hit the Enter key. It will list all the partitions on disk 0. Take a picture of the partitions on disk 0 for KYHI to look at. At the prompt type Exit and hit the Enter key. You will leave Diskpart and be back at the regular command prompt. At the regular command prompt type "reagentc /info" without the quotes and hit the Enter key. Take a picture of the information it returns. Post the pictures for KYHI.

    I hope that helps.
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    Okay here is the first shot. Thanks for your help I was at a loss Trust me.
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    Okay O tried it again yikes I am not having luck with this thing. here is another picture.
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    Okay yea I go it. Here is the last picture you wanted. Again Thank you Trustme. "YOU ROCK!!"
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Need to recover windows 8 from windows 10 Help!
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