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    Moving Windows Partitions

    I currently have windows 8.1 installed on my C: drive. I would not like to "upgrade" to 10, but purchase a full version so that I can install it on another partition on the same hard drive, dual booting between my old 8.1 and the new 10..

    I want to continue using my 8.1, until I am able to bring up my 10 to a current working status, after which I want to remove my 8.1 and use 10 exclusively.

    What I want to know, is if I remove 8.1 from my C: drive, leaving it empty, to get my 10 to the C: drive, do I have to physically copy 10 to the now empty C: drive, or can I just change the empty C: drive letter to something else, and then change the letter of the 10 partition to C: ?

    I have both EasyBCD and EaseUS Partition Master applications available for changing the boot manager and partition letters if possible.

    Please DO NOT tell me to just use the free Windows 10 update script (or iso/image download files or CD) to just upgrade my 8.1 to 10, as I have spent a month trying all means of these upgrades, only to continually receive the great, informative error "Your Windows 10 update Failed".


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    So then you will need to install windows 10 to another partition, no reason to move your current version of 8.1, just Install windows 10 as a dual boot Hopefully your 8.1 is already running in UEFI mode. I suggest you search for a thread on How to dual boot windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Your 8.1 install sounds to be badly damaged or you have some serious hardware issues with windows 10 if so, If its hardware the clean install will fail too unless you find some drivers that are compatible with your hardware on windows 10.
    Its been my experience that dual boots work better if installed on different disk if that is an option for you.
    A quick search on the ten forum I found there a tutorial on dual booting window 10 and either 8 or 7 Windows 10 - Dual Boot with Windows 7 or Windows 8 - Windows 10 Forums
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Moving Windows Partitions
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