Wow, I am getting really tired of my project to set up a win 8.1 HTPC with MediaCenter. System: new Gigabyte Z170 mobo, Intel Skylake i7, 16 GB DDR4.

Steps so far:

1. I purchased a full version of 8.1 Pro from Amazon, downoloaded it, burned the ISO disk, installed and activated. No problem.

2. Installed mobo drivers, no problem. Now PC is online and working great.

3. Purchased retail 8.1 Pro Pack (for the MediaCenter functionality) upgrade from an online outfit called Bargainvalley. They sent me an e-mail with a link to the install .exe and a product key. But when I run it and enter the key Windows setup says "we're going online to get a few things ready", then pops up the message "we can't connect right now, check your internet connection". But my Internet connection is fully functional.

Any solutions to this? Or is this possibly an invalid key or somesuch that the MS server refuses to acknowledge? Is there a way to check?