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windows update stuck reverting changes. broken monitor.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    windows update stuck reverting changes. broken monitor.

    i have a laptop windows 8.1 64 bit on it. it downloaded windows updates and got stuck when completing 100% saying it failed and started to revert changes. it got stuck for a whole day now. so i downloaded wind 8.1 iso with media creation tool and put it on a usb.

    since it's monitor is broken and it's my friends laptop i took it home to fix it over night and return it to him tomorrow since he's addicted to it playing euro truck simulator 2.

    however there's a problem. i got the windows boot menu where you can choose to repair or restore or do some cmd's.
    they didnt work and said the hdd or OS was locked and i needed to unlock it then restart the pc and come back to the restore option. didnt know what to do so i restarted thinking it didnt recognize the os properly. didnt work after restart.

    so i clicked on what i though was a reinstall while keeping your files. but i got a second glance at it and i think it said recovery while you lose your files. idk about steam and euro truck simulator 2 and cloud saving. som im afraid his save files are gone unless you guys know something i can do.

    i booted up the usb since it fail to detect the hdd since i chose the recovery option i restarted thinking i didnt want him to lose any files.

    chose language and clicked next, clicked repair this pc and opened cmd window.

    now i can see in diskpart that the " disk 0 is 931 GB free 0 in list disk. all is healthy in list volume and there is a recovery, system, reserved, primary and recovery partitions.

    in bios i can see the disk. but when i override boot selection it just tells me to insert boot device.

    i can try first if you think it could work to rebuild the bootmgr. i just though of that since i think its one of the first things the recovery operation goes through when it does its thing.

    but then i need to get past the windows update could not complete reverting changes.... i only have the range of the usb with the iso of win 8.1 which the laptop also has to work with.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    ok now it can boot again. i did a bootrec /fixmbr. how do i get from here to recovery. i can try to see if the os is not locked now since it can boot up to the "We couldnt complete updates reverting" thing again.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    oi fixed it. did the bootmgr thing then i googled and found that "power on your pc then immediately hold down ALT + F10 until it starts the recovery section and restore computer without losing any files" works.
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windows update stuck reverting changes. broken monitor.
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