My wife bought a Lenovo yoga 2 some years ago. Lately it has been making blue screens with data writing problems. But yesterday it resetted it self and text appeared:
Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed.
Insert Recovery Media and Hit Any key
Then Select 'Boot Manager' to choose a New Boot Device or to Boot Recovery Media

Inserting Recovery image containing memory stick boots to a Recovery menu.
After selecting any recovery method, it says :"Unable to reset your PC. A reguired drive partition is Missing." Or:"Unable to reset your PC. The system drive cannot be found."

I googled a bit and found possible solutions, but unfortunately when I went to command prompt, the DISKPART said there is no disks. list disk says "There are no fixed disks to show"
I can see directory on X: anyway with:
Program Files
Program Files (x86)

The solutions I found used partition and that is not possible with DISKPART not finding a disk, I think.

What to do next??