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Can I use Windows 8 Pro upgrade on XP machine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazel123 View Post
    Thanks very much! Yes I've done the double install thing with Windows 7. I don't really fancy reinstalling XP just to put W8 on it so one of those other options sounds good. Our son is more in the app world than I am so he'll like Windows 8 :-)

    So does option 5 - refresh - kind of do a double install?
    You're welcome, yeah the option 5 is similar to that, it's like a repair install. (Which is actually just an upgrade install)

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    Yes you can upgrade from Windows XP Professional to Windows 8 Professional (but I think it has to be the x86 version). Then you can upgrade to Windows 8.1. But yes, follow the previous post to do a clean update with an upgrade CD-ROM.

    I'm also disappointed with those that dismiss Windows 8 (the original release) as garbage. If you're just using the Explorer portion of Windows (the same way you used Windows 7), and install Classic Shell (a must as far as I'm concerned), there is virtually no lacking features from Windows 8.1. All of the improvements in the latter are relegated to the Metro environment, not the Explorer environment.

    Also, there is no GWX and there are no telemetry updates. And if you are about to say, "Yeah but Jody: Windows 8 is out of support", then you can safely ignore that (at least with the x64 build). I have installed two months of Windows Server 2012 updates on to Windows 8, and it works with aplomb. So even that's covered.
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    Windows 7

    Activation issue

    Ok so my disc arrived (fully packaged) and is installed. Activation says it is not activated because the product key is installed on another PC. Hmm. The seller said the produce was unused. Anyway - I have emailed the seller to ask if the Windows 8 is installed on another laptop and if so can they de-activate it. Meanwhile I have done 'refresh your PC' as per the Clean Install with Upgrade tutorial. It's refreshing now.

    It looks like a genuine Windows 8 product with both 32bit and 64bit discs in cardboard covers, inside a box which has a card inside with the product key on. I double checked I had entered the product key correctly.

    If refreshing the PC doesn't cause activation then I am not sure whether to try the Bat code if there is a chance that the disc either isn't genuine or is actually installed on another PC.

    Only other issue is the screen resolution on the 10" netbook - does anyone know if Windows updates fixes this or do I need to find a driver? Thanks.
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    Windows 7

    Ok so it is refreshed and still not activated. It says "This product key is already being used on another PC. Try a different key or buy a new one."

    Under Activation Details it says Error Code 0xC004C008

    Ebay seller has replied that it hasn't been used before and I need to activate over the phone. What do you think? Should I activate over the phone or try the Bat file?

    Ok. I have activated by phone :-) Do I need to keep that great big string of long numbers forever now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazel123 View Post
    Ok. I have activated by phone :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazel123 View Post
    Do I need to keep that great big string of long numbers forever now?
    If you are talking about the numbers you entered in this window,

    Click image for larger version

    No, you don't have keep those.
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    Windows 7

    Thanks! Ok so it is working nicely and Windows downloaded all the necessary drivers - no exclamation marks - giving me a resolution of 1024 x 600. Which apparently means I can't use the apps. Having read around a bit there is supposed to be a registry fix to change that - but I believe there is then an issue with upgrading to 8.1 on this machine. Having read around a bit more, Windows 10 is supposed to work better on this machine than Windows 8 and accepts the 1024 x 600 resolution. But to upgrade to Windows 10 I need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 first and from what I have seen, this isn't possible.

    So can you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or do you need 8.1 installed first? Of course I should have checked out more before deciding to install Windows 8 on it, but had read that it runs on this machine. Maybe those articles were pre 8.1.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm starting a new topic on that as have 8 installed.
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    Windows 8 Pro

    You can upgrade W8 to W10 but not through Windows Update. What you have to do is go to Windows 10 download page and download the ISO. Once the ISO is downloaded, then right click and choose Mount. Then just double click Setup.exe and your off and running.
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    Just came across this. You would be hard pressed to get any real performance out of our hardware config w/ win 8.1 installed. All software needs hardware to run from.
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Can I use Windows 8 Pro upgrade on XP machine?
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