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    windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 upgrade

    i have upgraded from win8 - win8.1 but during the setting up screen , its always stucked at 82% , any idea's whats the problem?

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    Well apparently, you should wait up to 24 hours..

    (I've just been given information like that)

    But I personally would cancel that waste of time after 4-8 hours.. Which if it takes that long anyway why have a computer in 2016 that can't handle updating or Installing windows 8.1?

    We are at windows 10 even now..

    Use google in your phone or another computer and type in "windows 8.1 upgrade hang"

    At least start there..

    It could be a wide range of things like some hardware it doesn't like or stopping on copying because of a scratched disk..

    Microsoft has an unhelpful forum as well but there surely is billions of people that have had windows upgrade hang like you.. So I would first search there and they will probably tell you to run scans checking your hard drive etc..
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    I had a similar problem on my laptop , It sat there at 82% for about 1hour and then finished on its own. It restarted just fine. Check to see whether your BIOS is outdated and if it is, then update it.
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    Maybe not exactly the same problem, but similar anyway......

    I was trying to do a Windows 8.1 re-install on a friends PC, using an 8.1 Install DVD.
    Everything would go just fine till the copying files would get to 87% and then the install would basically CRASH, with an error message.

    Just to see if it was a fluke, or something more sinister, I re-tried the install several times, even using different DVD's. But every time the install would abort at 87%.

    It's been said that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". With that thought in mind, and trying to remember where I'd seen that same failure before, I started looking at the hardware, specifically the RAM Memory.

    There were two 4GB SODIMMS in the laptop, and I took both out to check them. I was horrified to see that one of the 2GB sticks was made by 'Kingston' (well known among ram sellers, to use 2nd grade chips) and it had an HP Spares sticker on it. The Laptop I was working on was a Gateway and not an HP. So I cleaned the edge connector on the second SODIMM, a Gateway OEM RAM and put it back in, leaving OUT the Kingston ram.

    Then once again, I tried the re-install of Windows 8.1 from the original install DVD and it went all the way through without failure.
    That little laptop is running nicely with just the remaining 4GB of ram.

    Before removing the Kingston ram from the Laptop, I had run Memtest 86+ and it did not find any problem in the ram. The problem with most Software Memory Testers, is that they don't work with more than one small part of the ram at any one time. They don't really LOAD down the ram like installing Windows will do. But installing an OS, will find problems in RAM that Memtest 86+ will not.

    Just a thought.....
    Good Luck!

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Windows 8.1 upgrade
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