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HELP ? Windows 8.1 created 450mb extra recovery partition?

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    HELP ? Windows 8.1 created 450mb extra recovery partition?

    System: Case Alienware Area 51 R2 , Asus Deluxe X99 3,1, Intel i7-5960 , Cosair Dominator 3000mhz DRAM 32G , 2 WD 4T HHD in raid 5 as data storage , Samsung 950 pro M2 card with windows 8.1pro as main OS and Samsung SSD 850 as a backup OS Windows 10.

    ok I am a little confused......So i have a new Samsung 950 Pro M2 SSD that I installed in my system and did a CLEAN install of windows 8.1pro only the M2 SSD Samsung card was installed and enabled. I unplugged all other drives and other sata ports disabled.

    The install went fine and then i did all the windows updates and driver installs. After I was done, I was about to create a partition at the end of my drive to over provision it, using the magician software from Samsung, I noticed that the Samsung M2 SSD which holds my main OS of Windows 8.Pro had a 450MB system recovery partition after the main partition.

    So I have partitions in order (1) 300MB (Recovery partition) (2) 99 MB ( EFI system partition) (3) MAIN 428G ( boot, Page File, crash dump, primary partition) (4.) 47.69G (unallocated ) partition for over provision and THEN (5) 451MB ( recovery partition) that was created for some reason after one of the 150 updates that windows 8.1 / Microsoft installs.

    My question is WHY? Why does windows 8.1 have a new 450MB recovery partition at the end of the drive? I NEVER installed windows 10 on it and I was very cautious to not allow the updates to install windows 10 on the SSD. So what is up with this?

    Any help would be appreciated.......and IF it is normal to have this extra partition, does anyone have any insight on why MS thinks it needs to be there? If its not to be there, how do i get it off?

    Also know that i HATE MS, and dispise there tech support and attitude they take with their customers and I refuse to even call them for any help. If you only knew the nightmare situations I have had with them, they should be out of business and have gone down hill fast, since Gates left.

    Thanks, in advance,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by takitezsdc View Post
    Hey there takitezsdc

    A screenshot of the Disk Management would be very useful. Also you mentioned that you have two 4TB WD drives in RAID5. That can't be possible as RAID5 requires a minimum of 3 drives. Also what are the models of the WD drives.

    I do believe this can come in handy in this situation:

    Post back with a bit more info and if you have any progress

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    takitezsdc, Try using DISKPART from command line. select the drive and main partition. Issue command EXTEND. This should absorb any unallocated space into your main partition. It sounds like this space is unused. You have provided virtually no tangible data to understand what is happening other than your concerns over MS pulling some dirty tricks. I hope this helps.
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    Did you install windows 8 and then upgrade to windows 8.1..

    Any upgrade will usually create an extra WinRE Recovery tools partition....

    Thus you can restore the prior version of the OS (backtrack)

    can one of the 350/450MB partition be removed, Yes..

    the issue is which WinRE partition is in use by the current OS...

    Reagentc /info
    post pic...
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HELP ? Windows 8.1 created 450mb extra recovery partition?
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