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Windows 8.1 getting 0xc0000185 error when trying to reset

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    Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 getting 0xc0000185 error when trying to reset

    Hi all,

    I have an Asus x2000ma laptop, I'm pretty computer literate, but am stumped and need your help. Originally loaded with 8 so have no product key, etc.

    I dropped this laptop from knee level onto solid ground, and couldn't get windows to load completely for the longest. After extensive reading, I used sfc /scannow and was able to get into windows and do a few things. I am not sure what happened, but for some reason, I ended up going into the BIOS and tweaking a couple of things. Well, now I'm not sure what the correct setting are in BIOS, but have tried them ALL it seems and the best response I can get at this point is.

    I am able to login to windows (previously it would freeze during login), but cannot get past start screen before it give me the "Windows has encountered......please save, will restart in one minute" error.

    I have tried, refresh, restore, etc, but apparently some files are missing from the recovery partition. As the refresh will start, but then a screen pops up saying that it ran into a problem and couldn't complete.

    I get the 0xc0000185 error, need installation media if I try and just reset to factory. I do have access to another computer and was going to create installation USB, but not sure exactly what to download because of the product key being embedded somewhere.

    I was reading another post similar to this and the command reagentc /info was asked to be used to obtain information, but my computer just says that's not a recognized command.

    If someone could please help me to get my computer working again, I'd really appreciate it. (Side note: I would like to eventually dual-boot a LinuxOS so if that changes anything I need to do when setting up Windows, I guess that's important info. If not, ignore this sentence.)

    I guess it's important to mention; these are the results to running diskpart:

    Vol 0 C NTFS Part. 444GB Healthy
    Vol1 E FAT32 Part. 100MB Healthy Hidden
    Vol2 D NTFS Part. 900MB Healthy Hidden
    Vol3 - NTFS Part. 20GB Healthy Hidden

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    Was the laptop on when you dropped it? Out of curiosity? If you had a spinning hard disc, I can't imagine the scratches or damage let alone to the other hardware (screen) or even fans that were spinning or now cracked..since you mentioned it was a hard floor..

    However you may be ok so just save all things to a USB often and use your computer till it does not work.. Which it may work fine for years..

    But I love the part about how you just change bios settings after dropping a computer.. Real genius there.. Haha what did you want to achieve? A "my computer is dropped setting so use less voltage"

    Sorry I got a good laugh out of that one- look at what you typed again

    But just run all the scans again like : (type these into command prompt or in the Run in the windows button..)

    Sfc /scannow

    - especially and try a defrag.

    There is also software that scans hard drives.. Probably those like partition wizard or ? (I don't use them)

    Try crystal disk info
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Windows 8.1 getting 0xc0000185 error when trying to reset
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