Important! Please be advised this only applies to the FX990 AMD chipset ASUS Crosshair V Formula/Thunderbolt MB

Warning: ASUS and ROG will not support you if you are experiencing issues with installing drivers for Windows 8. Drivers will only be available either just before, or near to the release date. Don't bother emailing ASUS or ROG as they will only advise the same as I have.

I apologise about the title, I wasn't sure if this would cause offence. However, in the event that you feel the title is offensive, then I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Install as normal
Asmedia USB3
Thunderbolt LAN Card

Install using (Compatibility Mode Win7)
AMD FX990 Chipset*
Intel Gigabit LAN Card
Thunderbolt Audio (Beta version only)
ASUS ROG GameFirst
ASUS ROG Connect
ASUS ROG Connect Plus

* At the moment RAIDXpert does not install even in compatibility mode DO NOT install this otherwise the install manager is stuck in limbo and it never finishes.

Doesn't work
ADM FX990 Chipset (install as Win7) because Win8 isn't in the list of supported OS
Asmedia 106x SATA Controller Driver

Considering this MB is now 2 years old it's remarkable that only one part of the drivers wasn't compatible with Windows 8. RAIDXpert is quite a handy tool to use and you can monitor your RAID but is isn't essential so you can actually do without this being installed.

Just an idea for the Administrator, how about Eightforums having their own "Windows 8 Compatibility Centre Forum" with the following Sub forums, where users can post feedback about hardware, Drivers and Software compatibility so other members can find out if they work or not. I was going to do this last week and I know I said that I installed without any problems I actually forgot about RAIDXpert. all others were installed as Windows 7 Compatibility just in case they didn't install. I haven't tried them with compatibility mode inactive.