hello there ,
i have a problem with my Asus laptop.
my problem is that after updating to windows 10 and then clean install it , i lost my option to restore factory settings.
i have read lot of threads here , and tried many options but always failed !

i have noticed that i should have the recovery partition and the recovery wim file in it.
i have the partition recovery and wim file ! . ( called install.wim !)
i have tried Asus B
acktracker and got this message :
Click image for larger version

many of you gonna say check your USB disk , no i have tested my USB and it's work fine ! it has 32 Gb of storage and it's ok i have formatted it and used it many times and its work well .
F9 is not working , no restore factory settings.
this is the partition list ,
Click image for larger version

thank you.