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ASUS windows 8 recovery problem

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    ASUS windows 8 recovery problem

    first of all, im not sure its the right forum..

    okay, so i've been literally everywhere seeking a solution. seen countless others having similar problems, and saying im furious is seriously undercutting it...
    i have been in contact with ASUS support, and they are refusing to send me recovery media or tell me how to find my product key for Win8 (which came installed on the system). there's no sticker as you usually find.
    the recovery partition is gone.
    they told me that it was somehow "remembered" on the motherboard, and it would register automatically upon installing. but i've tried every single version of Win8 i could find, and every time, it asks me for the product key.

    they want me to send my entire setup (not just the HDD which is the problem) to Sweden, and pay for the whole thing both way. including a fee for installing windows 8.
    but i've already paid for windows 8 when i bought the PC.
    i asked to pay for a recovery disk, which i heard was a possibility, but they refused to send me one. even though i provided them with every serial number they asked for.

    i've tried to find a way to fix this for the past year.
    so if someone here can help me, it'd be greatly appreciated.
    if not, is there any way i can "fix" this from a legal standpoint? since they are literally keeping a product i've paid for from me?

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    A Windows 8 original system probably has the License Key in the UEFI bios. It can be obtained and explained in some threads here or the Windows 10 forums. You will need to install Windows 8 in UEFI mode, more than likely, and what version of 8 did you have originally?

    What do you mean by the Recovery Partition is gone? Had you updated Windows 8 to 8.1? What exactly are you wanting to do?

    What is your current configuration? If you can, take a snipping tool picture of your Disk Management window and attach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltgrass View Post
    A Windows 8 original system probably has the License Key in the UEFI bios. It can be obtained and explained in some threads here or the Windows 10 forums.
    There is a utility called 'Showkey' which might be what Saltgrass is thinking of - you can download from the first post in this thread:
    Showkey - Windows 10 Forums
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    why is the recovery partition gone?? you obviously installed something by reformatting the hard drive correct? no funny business! haha

    what you want to do can be very easy but first explain why you don't have a recovery partition!

    there are posts on this forum explaining how to download windows and put it on usb and install UEFI windows 8.1 clean and it will automatically detect your serial key...
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    not sure how the quote function works, so ill just reply to everyone here..

    i managed to get the product key with the command prompt command:

    wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

    how do i install in UEFI mode? i've tried with the usb drive setups by microsoft, but it always asks for a key
    can i use the product key i got through this command to install win8 when it asks for a key?

    it was originally windows 8. im not sure of build number or service packs or whatever windows 8 has. but it was upgraded to windows 8.1 not long after i got the computer.

    i installed windows 7 because i disliked windows 8. doing so, also removed the recovery partition. i have no doubt this is 100% my own fault, but i have still paid for windows, and this is kind of overdoing it i think. its probably to combat piracy, but what was wrong with the sticker on the side of the computer? every other computer i've ever had, has had such a sticker. when i realised this one didnt have, it was too late.

    when windows 10 came out, i was excited about the free upgrade as everyone else, and wanted to upgrade. but i was unable to get my windows 8 activated, so i could not upgrade.

    i am currently running win10 (not activated).

    i have been unable to find an actual UEFI setup of windows 8. i was never told by either microsoft support or ASUS support, that it was a different thing. all i was told is windows 8 will register my product key automatically
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    Click image for larger version

    here's a picture from ShowKeyPlus. the key shown is the same as i got through the command prompt.

    so i guess the next thing to do is find a win8 RTM Core OEM install file. i've googled a bit around before writing this, and have still to find one. all i see is people saying it works.
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    already tried that. no i cant. i need a specific version that fits the key i have, or that registers the OEM key automatically.
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    there is a search function not only through google but also on this website for things like "UEFI install windows" etc..

    but since I'm in a "good" mood right now, I'll give it to you..

    use all 3 and "READ" ALL OF THEM.

    there is a point when you download the windows and you may have to put in a code, if you do, you put in a generic code which Brink supplies in the help threads i posted below for the exact version of windows you are supposed to have when you bought your computer..

    It works, I've already installed it these methods and its quick simple and easy.. It auto-detects your serial after you have "fully' installed windows.. within 2-10 minutes after going online!

    You need to make sure you are in UEFI.. and guess what, you can google that and the first thing that comes up should be a little code to type into DOS to tell you if it is as well as 2 other ways to check to see if you are UEFI mode already..

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
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    Quote Originally Posted by carsten139 View Post
    Click image for larger version

    here's a picture from ShowKeyPlus. the key shown is the same as i got through the command prompt.
    Why are you trying to install the 'N' version of Windows 10?

    Also if you have a Core key, then you won't be able to install 'Pro' versions as you seem to be attempting.
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ASUS windows 8 recovery problem
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