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Install 8.1 over a factory W10 image?

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    Install 8.1 over a factory W10 image?

    Alright folks, I've been doing some looking around, and unfortunately, W10 leaves a bitter taste in my mouth...

    I'm interested in a new 2-in-1 mobile platform, such as the ASUS Transformer Book, the so-called "TabTops" or "LapTabs" (I think I agree with the former term a little more, but that's an opinion).

    I'm thinking of investing in one of these powerful mini-platforms, but all of the newest ones come with Windows 10 on them, and I just want to go back to 8.1...

    Can this be done? If so, do I need anything extra?

    Software tools, ISO's? USB devices, etc.?

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    You will possibly need 8.1 drivers for any specialist hardware on the device and of course you will need to purchase a license for 8.1.

    I would do some research with your preferred suppliers - It could be that what is being advertised is actually an 8.1 device and relies on a free upgrade to Windows 10, Also if you contact the suppliers you may find that although they are pushing the new Windows 10 systems they actually have a number of "older 8.1 machines sitting on the shelf.

    The normal situation when a new Microsoft OS is released is for a lot of discounting to happen with devices loaded with the previous OS - the free upgrade offer has, I think, masked this situation so a little research may actually find what you are looking for
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    The Issue would be Windows 10 OEM does not come with Downgrade Rights...
    Meaning you would have to purchase Windows 8.1 Retail...
    problem is MS is forcing Windows 10 upgrade onto Windows 7 / 8.1 PC's
    so you may end up back where you started..
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    For my uses, Win 10 is a "better Win 8.1". It may take a little to "manage the change". For many, any OS change and its "I want to go back" but after using it for a while they become comfortable with the new OS.
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    That's what I said about Windows 8.1 after using Windows 8, I tried 8.1 and immediately went back to eight.
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Install 8.1 over a factory W10 image?
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