Well, I had some success and a little disaster. I was able to slipstream Xp but found I could only have success with SP2. SP3 slipstreamed would not allow me to enter the product activation code. I installed Xp on my first hard drive and that went well, then I installed Windows 8 on the second hard drive, that went well. Then I was able to dual boot using the windows 8 dual boot screen. All great, but then my computer went nuts. I had just installed a new motherboard and chip. I started to have freezes, crashes, blue screens of death with windows 8. Its in getting looked at, I don't think dual booting could crash a system could it.

I will keep this link going as I will continue my efforts once I get my computer back from the repairers checking if the new board and chip could be faulty or my hard drives faulty.

More soon.