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Remove Windows 8.1 from SSD, install it on HDD

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    Remove Windows 8.1 from SSD, install it on HDD

    I have a desktop PC with 2 drives: an empty HDD and an SSD with Windows 8.1 installed on it.

    I want to completely remove Windows 8.1 from the SSD and install it on the HDD using the Windows 8.1 retail DVD I have.
    In order to do that I will boot from the installation disk, use the diskpart command to delete Windows from the SSD and
    then continue with the installation, choosing HDD as destination to install Windows 8.1.

    Now I have two questions:
    1. Is there any chance the Windows installer won't list both disks?
    2. When exactly do I have to change the boot priority in BIOS from the SSD to the HDD?
    My understanding is that, no matter what, the boot manager is always installed on the first disk in the booting sequence.
    As there are at least 2 restarts during the installation process, I want to make sure the computer will boot from the HDD.


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    Remove the SSD or at least disconnect it.
    Connect the HDD to SATA port 0
    Do a Clean Install to the HDD.
    Connect the SSD to SATA port 1. Wipe it or format it and do whatever you want with it.

    Curiousthough, why would you want to move from a SSD to a HDD? The SSD has to be much faster.
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Remove Windows 8.1 from SSD, install it on HDD
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