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Which path to take to get my current system into an update

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    Which path to take to get my current system into an update

    It seems that I have a mammoth task ahead of me and have been trying things over the last two days to accomplish it to no avail yet.

    My system consists of a system ssd (110gb) plus two 3tb hard drives full of personal files but mostly my steam libraries and quite a LOT of other games from discs, gamers gate and gog, etc which i really done want to have to set up all again and customise.

    I need a way to backup desktop applications, settings, etc and then either update from win 8 all the way up to 10 out clean install to 10 and restore all that stuff. The only problem is that my system must be too messed up in its current state to be able to upgrade from the store or iso file or even repair install win 8 first (!)

    I can think of several methods to possibly do this :

    1) slowly apply updates 15 at a time (93 total) and how it allows me to then upgrade to 10. So far there have been failed updates.

    2) see about using Windows easy transfer to migrate everything to a clean install of 10 but i think I've seen something about WET not being present on win 10 so is this option ruled out?

    3) use rec-img to transfer everything but i have tried one and it failed to back up so it would need perseverance to get it fixed enough to work (?)

    4) an alternative to WET. I remember seeing another Microsoft application to do it that uses some kind of aik(?)/ blah blah kit?

    5) do a process that is completely manual in effectively recopying windows system files and registry entries over again this performing a repair install and hoping that things will be OK to then upgrade and update to 10. This would require assistance from someone who really knows how to help with command line stuff etc though.

    6) some other wizardry to achieve my goal.

    7) employ software like (or alternatives that work even better than) clone app and driver backup to backup the software, settings and drivers. Use something to backup windows settings (including settings for folders being on other drives like user folder and steam libraries etc) and browsers (history, sessions, passwords, apps and profiles). Then clean install win 10 and restore everything.

    What would be the best method to use (or another one?). Once i have this figured i can then work on getting it to happen (with people's help if they are willing). Thanks in advance for your help guys.


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    Ps i also have origin and all my games on that too.
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    Depending on my installed software i may end up having to bite the bullet and just backup certain apps, clean install and then restore the apps and settings. I hope not to have to though
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    I guess no one can help
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Which path to take to get my current system into an update
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