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FYI About Your Hard Drive...

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    FYI About Your Hard Drive...

    I recently installed Windows 8 on my custom built PC where I had partitions on my 1TB HDD. I don't know why but on Windows XP my Windows drive was lettered "D". During the install of Windows 8, I used the same partition, but Windows RENAMED it "C". Since C was previously a different partition, it just removed the partition completely. I had to go manually assign that partition a letter. Not a big deal but someone might freak out that they lost a ton of information if they don't know this...

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    Drive letters are specific to the os.

    If you are multibooting - they will appear different depending which os you are booted into.

    It is possible to set it up so they are consistent - but that is really for the geeks.

    If you install Windows 8 the "normal" way by booting the dvd, the boot critical files will be installed to the partition marked Active ( if you already have one). That may or may not be the same partition the rest of Windows 8 is installed to. It depends how your drive was at the time of the installation.

    If the boot critical files are on a separate partition, Win8 will not assign it a drive letter. That is to hide it from being seen in explorer.
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    Well I learned that. I have never seen an unassigned partition in any of my OS dealings
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    If you get to know the Disk Management management console (diskmgmt.msc) in Windows 7 or 8, you'll find that unassigned partitions always appear when new unformatted drives are added to your system. And of course, when messing about with partitions, or working with drives of unknown provenance or from other OSes, you'll sometimes find all kinds of oddities as you get to know those disk structures. Check out this nice TechNet coverage for the Disk Management utility called "Disk Management;" it's a bit dated, but still useful.

    Best wishes,
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FYI About Your Hard Drive...
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