My Windows 8.1 PC had always run like a charm, when suddenly it began doing all sort of strange things, such as concurrently shutting down multiple apps as I was working in them. So I tried to restore to a Macrium Reflect image from October, but the restore failed. I tried older images; they failed too. Even my HP Recovery Media failed. So I did a Reset to my original PC from January 2014, and spent a day and a half doing almost 2 years' worth of Windows Updates and reinstalling programs.

I have an Administrator user named Leah and a Standard user named Layie. As I'd had it set up before, in the administrator account, I merged the Documents folders from Leah, Layie and Public into one library. To avoid confusion, I renamed each of the My Documents folders, so they won't all have the same name. I.e. Leah Documents, Layie Documents, and Public Documents. I did the same for the three Desktop folders and the three Downloads folders.

It looks fine in the administrator user. However, in the standard user, I have a folder named C:\Users\Layie\Layie Documents; but under This PC, File Explorer refers to this same folder as Leah Documents! (Layie Desktop and Layie Downloads don't have this problem.) Either way, this Documents folder contains the files for Layie, not the files that are in the real Leah Documents. This messed-up name seems to confuse some applications, such as Outlook. It's probably rather confusing to whoever is reading this, too. I've tried messing with advanced sharing options so as to get access to change this name, but have not figured out how to sort out this mess. Meanwhile, applications that refer to this folder keep failing. Please help!

Thank you, all.