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Downgrade to 8 destroyed laptop

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    Downgrade to 8 destroyed laptop

    I got me a brandnew asus laptop with windows 8 and option to upgrade to windows 10. Everything worked fine. I upgraded to windows 10 and then it hit me, my new laptop is not the one i had few hours a go.. Touchpad not working right and so on, i couldnt find a quick solution (the problem was with the asus smart gesture) anyways i tought if i downgrade back to windows 8 everything would be back to normal.. But it wasnt, asus smart geature still not working, internet pages olmost impossible to browse sooo slow, internet browser open atleast 30 seconds to a minute, all the actions with pc are ultra slow.
    Like opening a file or folder, the hidden icon menu on the taskbar reveals pixelled icons, eveeything is bad. Windows claims all my drivers are updated, avast anti virus dont find anything wrong, ccleaner dosent find much to corrigate.. What is going on? Do i really have to find problems one by one like with the aaus smart gesture which dosent tell me anythingbrp be wrong with it but i just know.. Or is it possible to find some way that would tell me whats wrong and need to be fixed or what exactly happened and why. Is this windows problem or who is going to blame who? I dearly need help cause my new fairly decent laptop acts like an 15 years old computer crap.

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    The Win10 GoBack feature does not always work and can leave the machine in a corrupted state.

    I'm guessing you didn't use any ASUS option to create Recovery Media BEFORE upgrading to Win10, right? If so, you probably have nothing you can use now to do a factory restore.

    Since you exercised an Upgrade option that came WITH the PC, seems to me that any failure of that option should be covered under the machine warranty.

    So, if it were my machine, I would contact ASUS and find out what they will do to fix this problem -- under the existing warranty.
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    So i should take contact with the store who gives me warranty or contact ASUS?
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    So i should take contact with the store who gives me warranty or contact ASUS?
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    Don't know what warranty service you bought. Some stores offer their own "extended" warranty on a new PC, for which they charge extra money. But usually, their warranty doesn't take effect until after the manufacturer's warranty expires. So, if the ASUS warranty is for one year, any problems you have during that first year are handled under the ASUS warranty.

    But this is only true in general -- your warranty terms might be different. So, I would start by contacting the seller and seeing what their warranty covers and what they will do for you. You will probably end up contacting ASUS -- see if they have a support forum online and post a question there.
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Downgrade to 8 destroyed laptop
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