I do some of the tech work for a local teen 1 year school program. A lot of them are there for behavioral purposes. They each have a laptop to do school work with, but we've done a lot to lock them down. Disabled being able to boot to a USB or CD in BIOS so they can't boot Ubuntu or some other OS and freely roam the net. Microsoft Family Safety installed with all the options turned on so they can only get to certain sites and run certain programs and their attempts are all logged. Also running a program that the teacher can see each of the screens and control or blank them or whatever. It's a fairly locked down system. But teens will be teens. One thing I hadn't considered with Windows 8 is the Shift-Restart into the preboot menu. And from there, they can reset their PC's or have other options for booting from CDs, USB, etc. All good things to have access to when the operating system isn't playing nice, but can completely circumvent our other efforts for the kids.

So, is there any way to disable this option or to restrict it to admin password? That should really be built in anyway since anyone can just shift-restart a computer, wipe it fresh, and you're out...

Thanks for any help!